nimbus gel saddle review

I just recieved a nimbus gel saddle and I love it. It is really really skinny, making sif nice, and because of the gel padding, is both firmer and comfier that my KH fusion that is now on my giraffe. The saddle is great, and feels like it will reduce chaffing greatly. It’s also great for freestylish stuff because of it’s skinniness. I’m going to reaqlly test it out muniing this saturday.


UDC is already sendind my nimbus gel

mornish… i think there is already a thread about the nimbus gel


Is the nimbus gel more comfortable than th e Kris Holm sadlle that comes with nimbus 29

On the topic of saddles, what saddle would you recommend for long distance Muni riding? One that doesn’t hurt my groin/buttock area when sitting on the seat too long :wink:

if you want inexpensive,
either KH fusion,
or nimbus gel,

the best that I know of the is the Scott Wallis road relief saddle,
it’s about $500 for the saddle, CF base, CF ergonomic handle, and CF bumper,
I don’t know the adress for his site thoug, anyone have a link?

is that recommendation based on experience or a price list?

experience from talking to people who have them or have used them.

hey my gel sanddle just arrived here
now i got the KH Fusion and the Nimbus Gel
for me
they are the same
But the nimbus are a little more confortable

does the nimbus gel saddle fit a torker dx unistar 06’