Nimbus Gel or Kris holm fusion?

Whats the better seat for trials. The Kris holm street or the Nimbus gel seat. I need comfortable seat because although i’m a trials rider i do some long distance too.

I’ve never ridden the nimbus but I have ridden the kris holm. Depending on what kind of riding you’re doing they both have their ups and downs. If you’re doing longer distances then the kris holm probably isn’t a great choice. If you’re doing alot of trials and street the the kh is definately the way to go. It’s really easy to get to seat in front and doesn’t chafe at all when getting use to it. The Kh doesn’t have too much cushion on it so longer rides wouldn’t be great. But I also heard that the Kh freeride is good for trials and stuff too. Over all I would probably suggest the kris holm but then again I’ve never ridden the nimbus. good luck

I was under the impression that they are pretty much identical. However, I know the KH will be flexy, and I assume the Nimbus will be as well. If I were you I’d get a Viscount and attach a better handle to it with self-tapping metal screws.

the KH is much better. There is similar padding, but the KH has a fusion cover which is a major +. it is also flatter, which is tons better for riding, unispins, and seat out, and it is comfier(for me). However, they both kindof suck for distance.

what’s so great about the seat cover?

it’s removable, doesn’t tear as easy, is comfier for seat out and leg wraps, and has kevlar on the front as well as the back.

Sorry for bringing back an old thread, but I’ve been riding on my nimbus gel for about a year now. It’s in good condition. The only downside is it’s a bit ripped. I’ve been wanting a KH street saddle, and when I saw it on UDC for $20 off, I bought it.

I do 90% trials. I say 90 because I do like street and flat. The only distance I do is to school. 1-2 miles away.

Was this purchase a good choice?

Why wouldn’t it be a good purchase??
With this purchase you just upgraded your uni. With this saddle you will be able to get a CF base when you start fliping.
I just changed my broken nimbus gel for the kh fusion and with CF base and I’m really enjoying it, much better than the old nimbus. It is comfier for spins :smiley:

what are the pros and cons of both

In a few weeks, you can tell us. :wink:

I would also say it was a good choice. My little brother got a Nimbus gel seat for his trials and I have a KH Street. We’ve tried each and compared. We both agree that the KH feels much better and I feel that the less curve (up at the front) it has feels better.

I think that the nimbus foam is much better than the kh foam. What I want to do is use a nimbus foam from one of my broken seats and a in cover because they are removable and get a cf base for it.

Are you saying you like the design of the KH, but you like the comfort of the Nimbus?

It sounded to me like you wanted to take your nimbus foam and insert it with your KH seat. Am I right?

What does the saddle look like with the seat cover removed?

The KH fusion street is realy uncomftable and will make you go numb pretty quick. The nimbus saddle is quite a bit more compftable. The KH has a removeable cover which is realy good, so you can easily fit a cf base so your seat isnt all bendy and rubber like.

If you want to ride it places as well as riding trials, get the fusion freeride saddle which is more compftable than the fusion street and has a removeable cover so you can throw away that bendy bit of plastic and get some nice cf. Its a bit thicker than the fusion street but its still pretty nice SIF.

You have never taken a seat apart???

If your foam is cracked and grubby looking like mine it will look pretty rubbish. And the foam will fall off all the time.

^ lies (about the fusion street) I just got back from a 5 mile ride with it (and I was riding my kh20). It’s really comfortable, good for distance… I guess, but I would assume the other kh seat (freeride?) would be more comfortable for distance.

So you guys DO think it was a good decision. I thought it was because my nimbus won’t last forever, so why not buy the fusion street while it’s on sale.

Also, is there any weight differences?

If you like it, then it was a good decision. :slight_smile:
It can’t hurt to have an extra saddle laying around (assuming you start using it before your nimbus is completely dead.

I’m not necessarily looking for comfort, but from what I can tell, they’re pretty much the same comfort wise.

What I’m going to use it for is trials, street, and flat. Mainly trials. Also, you said it was easier for unispins and flips and such, is this true.

If the Nimbus is anything like the old KH I would say that is so.