Nimbus Gargoyle vs. Nimbus Muni

I’ve finally decided to level up from my Torker LX 20" to a real live 24" muni. I’m debating between the Nimbus Gargoyle and the standard Nimbus 24" muni. The only two differences between them is really the stock tire (I’d have to get a knobby tire for the Gargoyle) and the ability to install a disc as opposed to maggie brake later on (Gargoyle can take a disc brake, the standard muni can only do a maggie brake). So my question really boils down to:

(1) Is the ability to install a disc brake later on worth the extra cost of the Gargoyle ($115 more + $50 for new tire) versus the standard nimbus Muni?

(2) Has anyone converted/used the Gargoyle mostly for muni?

My concern is taking on bigger trails and immediately regretting not having the disc brake as an option. Thoughts?

If your set on getting a 24 I would absolutely recommend a disc brake compatible setup. As for the gargoyle vs regular 24 muni you should really look at the nimbus ying yang 24" muni, you get the: disc hub, the kh 47mm rim, duro tire, and the fusion freeride saddle. The little extra money gets you top notch parts without the need to upgrade anything except maybe adding a brake later.

Another option

You could also buy a 24" muni, Kris Holm duel hole cranks ($120), and a Dbrake adapter ($30).
Or you could see if resv would sell his crank, Dbrake, brake addons separately.

Depending on your skills and the trails you ride you may rarely if ever use the brake.

I’d consider at least a 26.

this right here.

I ride pretty knarly stuff and steep hills without a brake. I’m surprised they’ve gotten so popular, but I would never dream of putting one on a 24" unless I was doing extreme downhill rock gardens or something. To each their own. If you’re on the fence about a brake, just get one, it doesn’t hurt anything.

I’m with rockjunkie on this one. If you plan on getting a disc brake later, go with the yin yang. The wider rim and KH saddle are big pluses. I don’t really like the hub option on the gargoyle or the yin yang (prefer something all steel) but if I was going the inside-mounted brake route on the cheap side, that’d be the one. If you don’t care if it’s a disc brake or not, get the standard muni. You get a stronger hub/wheel build and save a few bucks, but sacrifice the wider rim.

…or get a 29 or 32 w/ no brake and rock it in the rock gardens!! >: D WOOOOOOO