Nimbus flange width change

Just got a new nimbus non-disc, 100mm 36 hole hub, and immediately noticed that the flange width is much narrower than the older versions. Does it make the hub stronger? Just curious.

Side by side:

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The new flange that is further away from the center of the hub means that the wheel is more stable. The angle at which the spoke meets the rim is flatter, so you get more stability and the spokes don’t break as easily because they are laced at a flatter angle. It makes sense to do it that way, but yeah, it’s weird when you don’t know and wonder why. The angle from spoke to rim changes and is therefore more durable. It’s better this way.

Shouldn’t really change the strength of the hub itself. Wheel is slightly less strong with the narrower flanges (at least in theory).

I know they had clearance issues with nimbus hubs and some frames in the past, where the spokes would rub on the bearing holders, so I would assume that this meant to address those issues.

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