Nimbus (disc brake) Impulse 36er

I’m selling my 36" Nimbus (disc brake) Impulse for $649 or best (reasonable) offer. That is a 31.18% discount off $930 retail including the $13 upgrade for 110/125mm KH Moment double hole cranks (the kind/length without the inserts). Everything else is stock except the Salsa Quick Release (handy when you change pedal placement in dual hole cranks) Seat Post Clamp. You can have the seat bag because my KH36 frame does not have a nice shelf like the Nightrider. I’ll throw in the green bell. You will love the round design. Super easy to ring and fairly loud for those HeadPhone wearing pedestrians.

If you are just now learning to use the brake, you owe it to yourself to learn on this silky smooth disc brake. That’s what I did. I’m not that talented and I had it down in less than a week. The slight discoloration on the frame in the picture below was sweat (the kid don’t roll in the rain) and has since been wiped clean.

I liked the Shadow HandleBar so much, I purchased another one when I built my new geared 36er. I will throw in the rear straight piece (I have two now) in case you want to mount a luggage rack. But then, where would you put Luigi to stick with the green theme? The cloth and leather on the Nimbus Gel Saddle remains unblemished. The rear bumper is scuffed (UDC replacement $10) because I don’t catch my uni (not even the $3,000 one) when I fall. I get out of the way. The Shadow Seat Base has been reinforced. It broke within the first month. I got my mechanic to weld it and it has held strong (thru much nastier UPDs) ever since.

To obtain the “lightest fully kitted 36er on the market”, UDC drilled the Stealth1 rim. The tube bulged the green rubber rim strip tape thru one of the holes so my LBS replaced it with duct tape. That was several hundred miles ago. No bulging problems since. This thing rides incredibly light.

If you don’t find the duct tape (the only drawback on this wheel of a deal) aesthetically pleasing, UDC has the green rubber strip tape (see picture below) in stock for $6

There are loads more pictures in my Album and on the UnicycleDotCom website. Tons of info about the entire kit in the Impulse review thread (spoiler alert: everybody loves it!). Plenty about the handlebar in the Shadow review thread. I can’t possibly imagine anyone from RSU having any more questions. If you do, send me a private message (PM) as this thread is closed.

Buyer pays shipping (from 40299 zip) within the United States only. PayPal verified payment in advance required. Local pick-up would pay cash and get a free tour (see my AutoSig) of the b*ke paths in my fair city for a test drive.

Wow! 125 views (indicates a strong 36er market) and several reasonable offers (tells me that my price is right) in under 24 hours! I was told not to put it up for sale until I was truly ready to part with it. I can see why. Your response has been overwhelming. I knew you guys would not let me down.

Potential buyers be advised: I will not pay your shipping and insurance charges but I will do my best to see that your package gets to you in one piece. UPS leaked hydraulic Magura blue blood (ouch! :angry: ) and all but destroyed my other 36er box so the you get the original box that the Impulse was shipped in. And, in case you are wondering, the wonderful folks at UDC made it right (fixed it and mailed it back) within the week. I can not offer any warranty. After I drop it off at UPS, it’s out of my hands. My suggestion would be to buy the shipping insurance.

According to UPS, the box’s dimensional weight is calculated as follows. Multiply the length (37”) by the width (9”) by the hight (37”). The result (12,321) is the cubic size in inches. Divide that (12,321) by 166 to determine the dimensional weight in pounds (74.22). A Large Package Surcharge will be applied to each UPS package when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 130 inches (330cm). The Impulse box is length 37 + 74 + 74 = 185. We are way over. You can run it thru the time and cost calculator on yourself. It tells me $75 but the last time I shipped a Coker to Marietta Georgia, it was well over $100. If one of you is dead up serious about buying it, I will box it up and take it to The UPS Store® to get measured and weighed with your zip so you know what to expect to pay.

I gave it my best guess and listed $75 as shipping when I put it up on eBay.Of course they did not RSU friends and family discount:)

Local pick-up (it’s also on Craig’s List) is always the preference. Cash has no eBay PayPal service fees. If you live within driving distance I could meet you half way for a quick (10 mile) ride and delivery.


This uni has been sold (pending the actual transaction). I’m (tearfully) boxing it up now. Goodbye old friend. We had joy, we had fun…

Let me just say, this thing is professionally (original box, paper wheel wrap, cardboard slats) packaged. My goal is for you to be riding day one. Speaking of which, I gave you the original (never used) Nimbus Double Bolt Seat Post Clamp instead of the quick release clamp which is less reliable as evidenced by this advice from our very own JohnFoss. “I recommend a non-QR, double-bolt one for any road unicycle with a long handle. You can put a lot of torque into a seat post with a setup like that.” The Double Bolt Clamp provides back-up redundancy. I rode for 6 months or so with one bolt stripped out.

You will also find an extra (free of charge) BMX style pivotal seat post and an extra high tensile bolt. It was too short (4”) for me (a $28 mistake). The one still attached to the seat is very long so your good from approximately 5’7” to shaquille o’neal tall. Have some blue (Medium) LockTite on hand before you go tinkering with it. See this post by another very knowledgable source.

You have your UPS tracking #. Your new toy will be there ready-to-ride on Tuesday. I will leave this thread open so you can shower me with buyer feedback (my reputation is everything) and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have. All part of the full service provided.

one more thing

This being your first 36er your going to be tempted to start without the HandleBar attached. I would suggest against it. If you are accustom to holding onto the seat, you can still do that and just ignore the handlebar as if it weren’t there. If you insist on removing it, you would have to cut 5" off one of the handlebars or get a scrap piece from you LBS to mount the lever under the seat for MUni mode.

With HandleBar attached you can mount the brake lever half way down rather than way out there on the end like I have mine set up in the pictures above. My left hand never leaves the handle and I use my right hand for balance. When it is too bumpy to hold on with both hands, I still want to be able to operate the brake lever.

It does not look like it in the pictures above but my lever is actually well protected (in case of UPD) by the bar ends. I’ve dropped it like a thousand times and the brake lever doesn’t have blemish one. I’ve got a spooner on my KH36G and I actually prefer your lever but I can see how the spooner would help if I was in MUni mode and the lever was under the seat.

my “one more thing” above got me thinking so i consulted the professionals and will let you know what I learn.

Got the unicycle yesterday and had fun putting it together to my likings. From first day riding i can already free mount it and it is so much fun. Davidhood was always in contact (text, pm, email) and made sure it got here in one peice. it was very nicely packaged up. He dealt very well with the problems from UPS. I will gladly purchase from him again.

thank you,