nimbus boomerang or Nimbus 20-inch Trials Cycle with ISIS hub

which should i buy?

The Nimbus Trials


what riding would you like to do ???
like for paraids and stuff the boomerang is good
but for anything else the trails is way better

did you mean parades?

If your thinking the nimbus boomerang would be good for hopping and trials, it wouldn’t be. The nimbus trials is a ton better cycle. You cant do much with the boomerang.

ok. thanks alot

what about the Nimbus 20-inch Trials Unicycle SE?

No Get the nimbus trials isis

The se version has a square taper hub which will break with too much hopping. Get the nimbus trials with the kh moment cranks 137mm

one is a toy, a gimmick, the other is a serious piece of kit. Get the trials.

I have a nimbus phantom with KH momments 137mm (the same of a trials with KH) and it is really good I’m enjoying it a lot. I recommend the Nmbus trial with KH

dude the nimbus boomerang just looks plain faggy, the tire on it is prolly gonna be bigger than you

what’s KH?

what’s kh?

KH = Kris Holm, an awesome unicycle make! Basically the best out there

KH cranks on the Nimbus ISIS Trials, it’s strong, light and cheap… and it looks cool :sunglasses: It is good for trials and street, although I cannot compare it to the boomerang having never seen it the responses here make it sound terrible.

thats what the grape said

what about a boomerang with isis hub/cranks?

The boomerang tyre and rim are designed for rolling slowly along a boardwalk, looking cool. They are not high performance items. They are not designed for tricks, or hopping around on. Also from personal experience, letting the tyre pressure low enough to actually get any bounce form the tyre makes it a total pain to steer, the boomerang really is only a novelty.

and you cant put a normal size hub on a Boomrang because the frame is to large.

nimbus isis ive got one there much bettter