Nimbus 36"

Get your wallets ready…

In an attempt to fund my ongoing mid-life crisis (also known as full time university study) I am regrettably selling off a few things that are gathering dust in the shed.

The first thing to go is a 36" nimbus unicycle.
It has a whopping huge touring handlebar with room for two drink bottles, a brand spanking new magura hydraulic brake, a super comfy KH fusion freeride saddle and a seat post with rails (that’s right folks, rails!).

At the moment I am looking for offers. Stupid offers will be either ignored or accepted depending on whether they are stupidly low or stupidly high. If you are really keen you might want to email me directly (wayne AT jester DOT com DOT au).

Among other treasures, I will also be selling a 100 year old break-away circus bike, a 42" penny farthing (painted bright red) and a pair of jumping stilts, but as these are all off topic for this forum they will not be mentioned any more in this post and will be advertised elsewhere (photos and more information available on request).

I hope to sell these things to people who can collect them as I am so busy with study that I won’t get a chance to organise shipping until mid-semester break in June.

Anyway, start offering me money - I know that you want to.

Wayne van Wijk,
Brisbane, Australia.





Don’t do it!

Borrow some money from freinds and family, keep your treasures!!

What’s a breakaway bike?

A break-away bike is a fixed wheel circus bike that falls apart. The handlebars fall off, then the front wheel and forks fall out of the frame. You can put them back in upside down so that the seat of where the pedals should be and vice versa. You can then ride it by standing on the pedals and bending down to the handlebars. It looks pretty funny.

What kind of nick are the jumping stilts in?
I’m also curious about your uni.

The stitls were used for one week of rehearsals and then for two shows. They have seen very little use and are in very good condition. They are meant for people from 70 – 90 kg. I weigh 57kg and they seemed just right for me.

These were originally bought from an ebay shop and cost me $229 ($179 for the stilts and $50 for the shipping – grrr, I hate the ebay shipping scam – I swear they make more money on the shipping than they do on the stilts). I am asking $170 but will consider offers.

The stilts are located in Brighton on Brisbane’s north side.

OK, I have had a few requests for a price for the unicycle.
I would like $550 for it as it is or $450 without the Magura hydraulic brakes. Having the brakes makes it so much better though.
Before you ask, yes I am open to offers. Lower offers will be thoughtfully considered, higher offers will be instantly accepted :slight_smile:


BTW, the stilts have gone.

OK, the unicycle has been promised to someone, the stilts have been sold and I am pretty sure that I have a buyer for the penny farthing.