Nimbus 36 trade

I am considering getting rid of my 36 nimbus and downsizing to a 29. If anyone is interested I might consider a outright trade. If interested in talking to me about it just PM me. Thanks, rem

I’m definately interested in a nimbus 36. Any info on the model, specs, ect? Or a price range?

I have a 28/29" semcycle with 124mm and a set of 108mm cranks if your interested. You can google the semcycle and see if it’s what you want.

Why would you want to do a crazy thing like that?

Nimbus 29er

I have a nimbus 29 bought in Jan.08 has t7, with water bottle cage, KH sear post and Fusion saddle. I installed Halo tire for more speed. Email me for photo

sent email/pm??? rem

UNi Trade

I am the one with the yellow jersey. The picture does not show the T7 attached. Please email your pics. Hokey lights shown are not included with the trade.

Here it is

Here it is. Please PM me if interested. Dean

So… why do you want to downsize? Just curious.

I have been riding it for a year now and I do not have the time to get fully comfortable on it. I ride it 10 - 20 miles at a time but am not got a fast evasive maneuvers. I just think I would handle a 29 better and I do not think I plan on anything over 15 -20 miles so a 29 should be fine.


What siz cranks do u have? Is thata a KH seat?
I would like to keep my pin pedals with pedal protectors unless u really want them.
How do we ship/trade uni’s.
I can be reached at cell 727-776-2266 leave message and I will return call.

I have 140’s on it. As for the pedals you keep them and I’ll keep mine if we do this. I’ll call. are you in Ca.? rem

Keep It

U r not serious about a trade so keep your uni and suffer

Are you referring to the reason I asked “Florida” if you were in Ca? The reason I asked that was not to be a smart a** but I saw muni addict in the pic and I know he is in Ca. So with that cleared up where are you? I live by Jacksonville, NC. rem

Did this deal ever go down??
If not, you have my PM so lets do this deal. i have a T7 handle and rail post on my 29 and I have 2 tires, a Schwalbe Road Cruiser and a Kenda Kwest. 127mm cranks, Axiom Kris Holm knock-off seat.

Let me know. Ben


REM48 is not serious about a trade and is just wasting time. What a dishonest piece of _ _ it.

How about some transparency here, do you guys mind telling us what all happened. Maybe it was all just a misunderstanding. Rem, it might help clear your name and Florida mind telling us why you feel this way other than just saying he is dishonest (how did you come to this conclusion)

If you guys don’t want to share that is cool but if you guys posted your PMs here we can have a better idea of what you are talking about. Right now someone could read this and think Rem48 is crooked or that Florida is a sh*t disturber trying to give people bad names.

Don’t post the PMs unless both of you agree since well they are “Private Messages” and of-course remove any sensitive info that we don’t need (like addresses etc)

Peace out everyone


Dude, I am sending PM’s back and forth to try to work out a trade right now and he seems pretty honest so far. We haven’t actually sent anything yet but when I said that I had the same seat and crank set-up, we both agreed to just ship frames and wheel sets.

If he was trying to rip me off, he would have said that he wanted me to ship the seat, handle and cranks anyway, so that he ripped me off for a completely ridable uni. If he is what you say, he’ll get a 29" wheelset and frame that he won’t be able to sit on or pedal (we’ll he could sit on it, but not much fun)

I’m not sure what your damage is, but I will let you know how this all truns out…

I do not know what florida’s problem is but I think he thought I was jacking him around when I asked if he was from Ca. The reason that was asked is because he posted a pic of his uni for me to see and he was in a group with Terry. I know Terry is in Ca, I see his vids and talked with him thru PM’s. The reason I did not call florida to deal with him because I did not get around to it right away and when I was about to I saw he was flappin his lips and acting a fool. I did not care to do business with a person like that. As for Beener he has been forthright as I have been with him. I figured he changed his mind because of the shipping to another country and whatever that would entail. I hope I did not drop the ball there. If so, sorry. Eric AKA sask…, I never even got a Pm from florida like I asked. I happened to see he posted. He could not even follow simple directions. This guy is just trying to stir things up. Just so you know I am going through with the deal with a guy in Ma.

That is kind of funny. Seeing Terry in the pic I would ask the same thing, who knows he could be from florida and be living in Ca, sort of like me being from Sask and (temporarily) living in NB.

Hope your deal with the other guy goes smoothly.