Nimbus 36" for sale or swap for Kris holm 29"

Due to breaking my ankle and bones in my foot (not from uni) I am looking to sell my Nimbus 36" or swap for 29" Kris Holm
My 36" has travelled only 11 mile from new. It is in fantastic condition and was sprayed with camouflage textured paint before it was ridden.
It has the disc brake that it came fitted with and the Nightrider tyre(still with nobbles). It does not have the handlebar. It is in mint condition just a healthy layer of dust. I live in Borough Green, Kent, UK… phone Heath on 07799012049

Would a 5’7" tall rider fit on this?

Hi, I would think so. I’m 6’ and the saddle is raised about 3 inches. If your local your more than welcome to try it for size…

I’m 6’ and have the saddle raised 3" I would think it would fit ok. If your local to me you more than welcome to check the fit.

Im 5’6" and with a 29" inseam. I found a way to fit the Nightrider and the KH frame. I refused the fact that a 36er was too tall for me and cutted into the frame post and slotted it for the seat clamp compressionability. I started out at 165s and now comfortably ride 110 and 127s with sufficient room for adjustments.:wink:

I still have this available, looking for a 29" for road work…

36 inch unicycle

Probably a stupid question as this is an d thread. Is this still for sale?