Nimbus 32" Oracle Unicycle

Nimbus 32" Oracle Unicycle. I rode this unicycle about 100 ft. Like New. Has Kris Holm T-Bar Touring/Muni Handle System installed plus speedometer. Hard to find in stock anywhere. Would cost $925.00 to purchase new. Asking $650.00.

Pickup only.

Where are you located?

Northville, Michigan.

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would you be willing to sell just the Kh bars?

NA, Thanks.

I’m taking a trip to Michigan memorial day week (roughly). We’d be passing right next to you. I’m in Columbus Ohio now. If it’s still available, would you take $600 for it? I’d want to take a look and try it out first though. I’m debating on whether to get something with a thicker wheel, but this looks nice.

Sure. Let me know.

Will you be available on Memorial day? We’ll be heading up to Mackinac Island then and probably be close to the Ann Arbor area in the afternoon or early evening.

should be.

We’re going to stay in Ann Arbor on Monday (memorial day), so we can swing by sometime that afternoon.


OK, Nice.

Hey there. We just booked a hotel for next Monday night in Ann arbor. I was hoping to stop by for the unicycle after lunch time. Would that work for you? Also, if I could get your address and phone number that would be great. My number is below


Hello, I fractured my wrist a few days ago and am having surgery friday. I am thinking It should still be ok to proceed. What day are you thinking?

It would be next Monday 5/31. Sorry to hear about your accident

I’ll need a way to contact you if you want me to purchase. I’ve asked for info a few times now. If you don’t want to sell, please let me know.

Actually I’m going to back out on this. Sorry. We’ve spent money on wood for the backyard this year and we’re actually set back quite a bit for the lumber since prices are high. I actually had an injury trying to build something to cover my plants towards the end of April and have a $1000 hospital bill now. Ended up drilling into my thumb and had to go to the ER.

Sorry, let me know if you change your mind.

Sorry, I have been sleeping alot the last few days. Surgery for me is tomorrow morning. Let me know if you change your mind and I am sorry if I messed things up.

Hey Kevin,do you still have the 32 Nimbus for sale?

Yes I do.