nimbus 29er with 140mm cranks and kenda claw

Just thought I would take a few minutes to rave about my new toy.
It’s a nimbus 29er with 140 cranks and kenda claw tyer. It’s my XC big wheel and it is fab to ride. I find the tyre much more forgiving of my less than perfect freemounting. And I can even bunny hop on it (which I cant on my Big Apple tyre). It’s great fun.


Sounds like fun, although I’d recommend a KH rim because it comes with a rather weak single waller. What cranks are they?


Sounds the perfect speed machine for Dartmoor at the end of May :wink:


Sounds fun.


I’d be really interested to see what that looks like. How do you find the the Klaw compares to the Big Apple for riding? Is it generally better, or just different? Have you tried it on road much?

I ride a stock 2005 Nimbus 29er at the moment and find it pretty satisfying. It took a long time to get used to the extra mass of the wheel - freemounting was very hard at first. And it really likes to follow the camber on the road - it just wants to go down any slope it sees :slight_smile: I’m feeling pretty comfortable on it now, though.

Also, any particular reason for changing the cranks? Just for purposes of better muni-ing? How fast do you think you can go now?

I still have the stock Nimbus and the new one. I think that the Big Apple tyre and the shorter cranks are great for distance on flatish surfaces. The kenda klaw and the longer cranks are better for slopes, bumps and generally off-road (which I bought it for). We are going to go cross country, down bridal ways and tracks. Yes, better muni’ing I suppose. Also for the pavements around Prestatyn it’s probably better because they are soooo uneven. I may even be able to manage curbs.

The Kenda Klaw is easier to mount - the knobbly bits make the tyre more stable (I don’t know if stable is the best word for how it’s different to the BA) but it doesn’t roll so readily so when I freemount (which I’m not very good at) I can kind of balance with the cranks horizontal for longer whilst I get my balance or just shift to riding forward (or whatever it is that I have to do before I ride off). It’s also easier to whip round so that I can correct easier if I get off balance (the BA just kind of continues on it’s momentum). I don’t know if I’ve explained this very well.

I expect the uni to be slower than the stock 29er due to the knobbly tyre and longer cranks, but I’m not built for speed anyway.


PS I will post some pics tomorrow.

Thats awesome, I’m glad to see more people are enjoying that Klaw, I have the same thing pretty much except I have the slightly shorter cranks and the kh rim, plus a bedford frame.

Have you given it a try in snow or ice?

No, I only got it this week. Hasn’t snowed here in the 11years I’ve lived here. But one of the reasons I bought it was because riding up my favourite track when it was all icy on the Big Apple was not such a fun experience.

One of the things I would like to do (because I live just by the beach) would be to ride on the sand. I saw a pic of aspenmike’s daugher on the beach, which made me think of it. Anyone ride on the sand?


That is pretty sweet that you have no snow. Just don’t get to overconfident on the ice, I made that mistake at top speed after some freezing rain.

my blue beauty


I rode on a frozen lake yesterday. All the way to the middle and back! I did it on my Nimbus/Big Apple 29er.

that was probably a very bad idea…don’t do it again, unless you’re 100% positive that its really really thick, and maybe not even then…

It wasn’t thick at all, maybe 2 inches max, but I live dangerously. :sunglasses:

Having said that it hasn’t snowed here for 11 years. It has now snowed (and not melted immediately) twice this week.

me uni'ing small.jpg

that is the coolist seat clamp ever

Unfortunately I have to take it off to ride!


No blue spokes and hub/cranks?

Now there’s a thought.

may I suggest also the nightwing tire in it’s mountain incarnation …:smiley:
you’ll love it!

OH yes, yes, yes.