Nimbus 29er - £110 as new

Have for sale a Nimbus 29er, excellent condition, only riden around 3 times.

Just dont have the time to ride this uni.

Its the Red version, with red saddle trimm and red rim.

More info on

looking for £110.


Ship to US

Would you tak $180 and ship to us?

thats really tempting, but i dont have £110 to spend:(


Sorry im not intrested in shipping outside of the UK.

Im open to offers 1-wheeled-grape.

i have £34, that is it:( and i need money for holidays:)

actually i have £5 in coppers?!? still no difference really, sorry

Still here, still unwanted.

Hey, u still got this? im intrested:)

I am also interested. =D

I’ve got enough pennies for this…

i might be able to buy it in about 2 months if its still for sale

Are you willing to ship to Portugal?

Thank you!

is this the ISIS version