Quax Trials uni, Nimbus 29er


I stopped riding a while ago, so these arent being used anymore. For sale only is:

2006? model Qu-ax Splined trials uni, bought from unicycle.uk.com and kept in very good condition. Has a set of DMR V8 pedals in black, and a Kris Holm fusion street gel seat fitted. All stickers have been removed. Maxxis tyre in good condition, some wear, could do with rotating.

Price: £130 Collected, postage extra.

2006 Standard Nimbus 29er in Red. Red saddle and rim, completely standard, ridden only a handfull of times, excellent condition.

Price: £100 Collected, postage extra.

Will throw in a red kris holm saddle free with either of the unicycles. Open to offers on both. payment via Paypal, Postal order, or cash on collection :slight_smile:

Ill get some pictures tomorow afternoon.

Possibly interested in the 29er.

cool, I’ll get pictures up later. Could possibley meet you at southampton ferry port if you want it :slight_smile:

Would it be the same one from the post here?

Does it have ISIS hub and cranks?
What length cranks are on it?
How much would you recon postage would be?

I have looked on UDC, but I can’t find that uni, just the newer one. Public transport here is a bit steeper than back on the mainland, so I’ll look into the cost of heading over via the Southampton ferry, and also look into heading over via Portsmouth and getting a lift off a mate. Depending on the cost of Portsmouth, Southampton, or having it posted, I’ll go with the cheapest, lol.

yea, it’s the same one as in that thread. That advert was kinda old so I thought I’d make a new one as I have more stuff to sell.

It’s not the ISIS model, it’s the one before that. It’s near new condition still dispite it’s age, I’ve barely used it.

I recon postage would be around £20-£25 purely due to it’s size. It’s no trouble for me to meet you at southampton, Pompey would be a bit of a stretch but still do-able.

im very interested in the 29er, i posted on your old thread but you never replied!

i live in east anglia but will happily pay for postage.

sorry! I have now pm’d you :slight_smile:

Pictures are up in my gallery - http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/album.php?albumid=129

Hey, I could use that trails wheel. I don’t really need a frame or saddle.
Would you be willing just to sell the whole wheel set(meaning hub, cranks, rim and tyre)? :sunglasses:

if you take the wheelset, i would be interested in the frame, clamp, post and seat :slight_smile:

Sounds like a sweet deal for juggling_joe (took the liberty of removing the unicyclist part :D)

ahh, id much rather sell it as one piece, rather than split it up and get nailed for postage twice :confused:

Sorry guys.

Although, just out of intrest, what would you be willing to pay for the bits you want? just incase i change my mind… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, I’ll offer £130 for the 29er posted, I can pay the money on Friday if that’s any good?


i was wondering how much you wanted for the black one… i live in canada though so i dont know hos much shipping would be

29er provisionally sold.

Im sorry randomone, im not willing to ship outside of the UK.

If this falls through please PM me. Thanks Keith

will do, althought your second in line :slight_smile:

29er now SOLD!

Open to offers on the trials uni!

Qu-ax trials uni still here!!!

Quax is still here! want rid of it!

Willing to split, so long as all the parts go! (got someone intrested in the wheel set)