Nimbus 29" Review

Nimbus 29” review.

The ride: this is my first big wheel uni so I can’t really compare it to other 29er’s. The super wide rim combined with a big 28”x 2.35” Big Apple provides for a smooth and comfy fast ride compared to my 24” uni. Still getting use the smaller 152mm cranks. I can spin these smaller cranks really fast, but when I get off balance, it’s harder to correct myself compared to the longer cranks. I guess it’s something I just need to learn and practice. I swapped saddles for a nimbus gel based on the reviews in this forum and it truly is very comfortable, but then again, saddles are a personal thing and not all of them work for everyone.

The equipment: Decent components for a mid priced 29” uni. Light weight Schwalbe kevlar Big Apple tire , super wide rim, nimbus gel saddle (swapped), alloy platform pedals, and 125mm Qu Ax cranks. The frame on the other hand is poorly made. I’ve worked in bike shops and owned many bikes and this nimbus frame is the worst I’ve ever seen. The welding is horrible and there’s dimples (dents) on the fork blades. Though the Nimbus 29” is not intended to be a high end uni nor used for off road, you would think there would still be some level of quality control on a mid priced uni. I would figure the Sun frame would be of this quality. In addition, all the decals plastered on the frame is an over kill. Those came off immediately. However, the head badge is pretty cool.

Overall, I’m happy with my Nimbus 29” purchase and would recommend it to others looking to spend around $250.00 (including shipping). The super wide rim combined with a 2.35" fat road tire makes this uni ride a blast for cruising around.

My Nimbus is a 2005 29er from UDC UK. I’ve got no obvious blemishes on my frame, although to be honest I’ve not paid it much attention. It does have huge stickers on though!

Generally agree with all your points though. I found the BA liked to crawl down road crown but that seems to have stopped now I’ve learnt to control it. I recently discovered that the KH 29" rim is almost as wide and probably stronger (and black!), so it might be worthwhile for anyone looking for a custom variation of this unicycle.

A friend of mine found that slightly shorter cranks helped with not falling off at speed, although they made mounting a bit harder.

The Nimbus 29 is also very nice to ride on cross country offroad trails.

Wow, the model must have changed dramatically since 2006. I just got mine in Oct 2010, and no complaints: no garish decals, flawless frame, and good welding. Swapping the tire, I would be confident to take this puppy off road. I did pay ~$60.00 more for mine, though, so they must have made improvements. I love mine (though admittedly, not as much as my N Nightrider pro 36).

Same here. No quality problems at all.

Only thing I did not like (besides the stickers) was the super heavy Duro Easy Ride tire it came with. After only 3 days I ordered a 2" BA wire bead tire. I also replaced the metal pedals with the much lighter Twisted PC (glow in the dark no less) pedals and put the metal pedals on my 20". Not sure why UDC choose metal pedals for a touring 29". Perhaps it’s to help it do double duty off-road?

Your 29" came with a Schwalb Big Apple with Kevlar bead? Where did you buy it from? Any particular reason you chose 2.3" tire over the 2"?

Also doesn’t the 29" already come with the gel seat? It does from UDC

Like you I almost immediately went to 150 cranks, and from there down to 125’s. I’ve tried 114’s but 125’s feel the best to me. Each drop in crank length takes a little getting used to.

I found smaller cranks make mounting easier. You can put more weight on the back pedal without the wheel moving.

No, it is because plastic pedals are very poor, if not dangerious, in the wet. They also offer less grip so when travelling at speed are less good. As this is for road riding where you may be riding in the wet, the metal pedals are appropriate. Although, the Nimbus Plastic DX pedals with the metal studs are a great alternative!


Twisted PC pedals are so close to metal pedals in grippyness in the wet you hardly notice a difference. I wouldn’t say they are dangerous or inappropriate. I think some metal pedals are poor, and the pedals on my KH29 have less grip than plastic pedals, and they are Odyssey Jim Cielencki Pedals, almost twice the price of Twisted PC on Those aluminium DX pedals are fine.

I’ve seen a few badly made frames, usually it is just one thing wrong such as badly welded bearing holders (not aligned) or the frame is not centered on the wheel. If there is a problem with the frame that will effect the performance then will surely replace it. My Nimbus 28/29 is still going strong after many years- no problems with the frame.

What magic shoes are you wearing?

I find twisted PCs to be quite slippery in the wet but love them on my 20 for fair weather riding.

I’ve got Merrell shoes but they are not magic. I don’t do grinds on my Twisted PCs so the plastic pins remain. The majority of my riding is not in the wet, but I haven’t noticed any slipping problems when it does rain- the style of riding I do in the rain is mostly transport.

It would be nice to try some of those clip in shoes for maximum non-slip.

i would NOT recommend that


Right now I have the metal pedals on my 20" for the extra traction for learning idling.

For the time being I’m a fair weather rider so the Twisted PC’s are fine for my riding. And the glow in the dark pedals are great for not tripping over my Uni in a dark room.