Nimbus 27.5

Here’s a ride review for the new 27.5 Nimbus Oracle.

Great review Terry. I love the color they chose for the rim.

I feel the same way about my new KH27.5. I’d say if I had to have one unicycle it would probably be this size with dual hole cranks. The tire is so light considering its size.

Hi Terry,
Just wondering if you received a discount or the entire product in exchange for the review. You do an awful lot of those, and if so it would be ethical to disclose that information in your videos.

aside from the color and the tire, it looks like the new size is just more of the same oracle. I noticed the new one also has a nice new solid hub. Not sure when they switched over, but that is a noteworthy upgrade in my opinion.

On a similar note, I’m not sure when it happened, but the nimbus gel has significantly decreased in quality, as I noticed in the 32 I just purchased recently. (see specifics in the review section of the forum, which is where this post should be) Perhaps some comparison of parts between different brands would give buyers a little more useful information. I don’t see a lot here that would help me make a decision on whether to buy this wheel over others.

Terry’s sponsors are listed at the end of the video at 2:42 to 2:49

Sponsoring is not necessarily providing products for free. Riders could be sponsored via travel expenses to events, entry fees, discounts, products, promotional placement on a website, etc. The nature of the sponsorship is important. If you’re given a product for free there may or may not be some expectation from the sponsor that you will give them a favorable review. It may be in a contract, or unwritten, or just implied. As a consumer watching a review, this is good information to know. Full disclosure in this case protects the consumer and the reviewer. All it takes is a statement at the beginning to let the viewer know they received the product for free and a (hopefully) truthful statement that you will attempt to provide an unbiased review of the product. This is a really common way to handle reviews on youtube. If someone reviews many products and never has anything negative to say about them at all, or doesn’t compare them to similar products, that’s a red flag that abuse may be occurring, which frankly is bad for the reviewer (who’s reputation can be hurt) and the sponsor, who presumably is paying for informed reviews that highlight the differences between their product and the competition (pros and cons). More importantly though, a biased review hurts the consumer.

I don’t believe Terry would be biased in a review, and I’m speaking in hypotheticals and trying to give some constructive criticism for future reviews. My skepticism in video game reviews has pushed me away from certain youtube channels because I cannot trust them, and I wouldn’t want a similar thing to happen here. I respect and appreciate the work Terry has done for the unicycling community and expect his popularity to continue growing in the coming years.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I have never been asked [or by anyone at UDC] to make any of my reviews. I enjoy making them as a way to help give people some useful information that might help them make a more informed decision as to what might suit them, as far as size and/or type of uni. I wold also add that if I ever found a particular uni to have a specific issue, I would point that out. Although I would not refer to the nimbus gel saddle as having an “issue”, I have mentioned that I much prefer a flat/flatter saddle. I am very happy that the nimbus unis now have the disc brake tab on the frame, eliminating the need for the “Dbrake” and, also as mentioned, the improvement to the hub. What I mentioned about the 27.5 being like a “24, 26er and 29er, all rolled into one”, can basically refer to any brand of 27.5 unicycle in that it’s a great all-around size.

I looked at the Oracle 27,5 but I prefer KH street saddle and Spirit cranks. With those upgrades, the Oracle would have cost more than the KH.

When it comes to saddles… Nimbus may have a big surprise coming! A little sneak in to the future.

Totally redesigned base with reduced curve (but not flat) and traditional seatpost fittings with bolts and inserts. Glass filled Nylon 6 base that makes incredibly rigid and about 200g lighter than the KH… more later. :slight_smile:

Nice one! Though it means we have to change all our seat posts?
Roger, you’re a master at the art of tease!

Ooooh Roger! That looks very nice! :slight_smile:

Can you give a rough date for release?

No he said it uses traditional mounts. (I.E. not pivotal I’m assuming).

Release date July. :slight_smile:

Wicked! :smiley:

Thanks for this review. I am going to buy this.

For the love of god, why can’t someone make a saddle with a proper relief channel – i.e., wide, deep, and long, like on a comfortable bike seat?

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I made my own back in 2008. Enlarged the channel already in the foam, then covered with a stretch material, and affixed it to the channel so it would stay down when riding. Worked well, but would have been better with firmer foam.

Since the last post here in 2016 have any seats been supplied that allow 30 minutes or more in the saddle without causing numb nuts. Even the fusion one with the adjustable angle and built in channel is useless in this department. Surely I’m not the only rider that this happens to.

I like quite like the Nimbus Stadium and get about an hour of comfortable riding before it gets uncomfortable. I could also achieve about the same with a modified Club that I flattened via boiling methods in older threads and added a little more foam too. The Stadium is more comfortable than the modified Club though. The stock Club didn’t do much in the way of comfort for me. Also, riding fast keeps weight on the pedals and not the saddle as does XC trail riding.