Nimbus 26-inch MUni
so has any one tried this uni. what can it do with a big 230lbs kid on it. i do not care about lbs cuz i big a any uni feels light to me i can’t deiced to get this a dx or Nimbus 20

i want to do some light ladder bridges and some Muni and maybe i few littel hops and drops

Thats a freaking awesome uni at a great price. I just got the 19" trials version. It will hold up perfectly for you - especially if you upgrade the cranks to the KH moments for $50 dollars - it will be up there with the strongest unis on the market. The cranks which come stock on it are good but for a bigger guy such as yourself they may bend a bit after a few bigger drops. I’d definitely say the $50 upgrade for the KH cranks is more than worth it.

If you are having trouble deciding between this 26" muni or the smaller trials size a good happy medium may be the 24" nimbus muni. It will be a little slower than the 26" but a little bit more versatile when stuff gets more technical.

Thanks Brain O. I was looking at the Torker or Nimbus and I think I’ll get the Nimbus from your post, with the KH moments when I start get into bigger drops or they nimbus cranks bend. My $20 craigslist early 70’s 20" Schwinn days are numbered (to much play between the wheel and the crank arm), but it did do its job for two months and get me into unicycling. Still debating on the 24" or 26", though, I’m thinking 26". right now my goal is to ride the Denver Tour de Fat with it so the extra speed will be nice, but I’m a avid mountain biker and I can see that MUning is in my future.

I love my 26er. I find with practice I can throw it around as much as a 24 and I love the speed it affords on Colorado singletrack. If you are ever looking for a frontrange ride let me know.

Hey Osmundo.
I just ordered the Nimbus 26. I should have it in a few days.
I get down to Golden quite a bit…up for a ride?
How is Dinosaur ridge for Muni?

Give me a little more time and then I think it would be great to get some rides in, maybe this winter or next spring. I should have my new nimbus 26er around thanksgiving. I’m still at the stage that each time I go out for little bit of time, I see big gains in ability. I stalled for the first time with it to wait for some people to pass on the sidewalk.

how much of a drop can a 26 take
and do you lose strength with size

i’m in the same boat one day i want a 24 than the next i want a 26

Yes a 26" wheel will be weaker than smaller wheels, but to be honest it’s most likely to be the cranks rather than the wheel that break. With good form several foot drops should be no problem, that ISIS hub is damn strong. You could always upgrade to KH moment cranks in due course if the nimbus ones fitted feel like a liability, as they’re both ISIS they will slip right on.

i plan to upgrade to kh cranks

i’m a big guy 230lbs the biggist drops i would ever take would be 3feet would it hold
thank you

With KH cranks, it will hold you for 3 foot drops.

Nimbus 26er

Now reported to be out of stock.
Did I get the last one?

I hope they come back in stock soon. My friend and I were looking into getting 1 or 2.

Are there any other nimbus dealers. I was really hoping to get this in the next couple weeks for some fall/winter riding.

They are hoping to have them back in stock by November 7. so you did buy the last one, but they will just make more.


Your welcome to come ride mine while you wait! I know the feeling.