Nimbus 26-inch MUni Cycle with ISIS hub

I am selling a Nimbus 26-inch MUni Cycle with ISIS hub that has been used for about 15 minutes total. It was purchased in Dec 2008, so you are getting the latest model. I quickly decided that Muni was not right for me and that I should just stick to cruising. It was a bad decision for me to buy it, but one that you can benefit from.

Description: Nimbus 26 Muni (15 minutes total, no UPD’s), Blue KH clamp, Blue KH Freeride Saddle, and KH Double Hole ISIS (137/165) cranks. The tire, rim, pedals, etc are all stock. The seat post is uncut and the KH seat was never even attacked to the post. I used a different saddle and post when I test drove the uni. The stock pedals have never been opened as i used other pedals as well.

Here is a link to the spec

With the above options, this item is $387 + shipping, new. I am asking $337 + shipping. You can save yourself $50 by taking an item with 15 minutes use. If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to pick this up you can save on the shipping. I will ship in the original Nimbus box.

Msg me if you have any questions



I’m not interested in buying (I have a nearly identical one my son rides), but thought you should mention whether the frame has brake bosses on it. Being able to attach a Magura brake might help you sell it. Good luck! It’s a nice unicycle.

Good point. It does have factory installed brake bosses.


I’m interested…

Looks to be pretty much the set-up I am lookin for…but…is it chrome? Or black !!! (I really dislike chrome, no offense) let me know, ok? I’m not too far away…