Nimbus 26 brake help

I have a Nimbus 26 MUni. I want to install the steel braided Maguras on it. I need a list of what I need to buy. My intention is to Zip-tie not braze on so I wont be needing the mounts. From what I gather I need the steel braided Magura’s & the KH Brake handle mount. What else do I need? Any help is appreciated!:slight_smile:

The only good way to fit it is to get the mounts welded on.

As long as you do the setup for the welding (clamp the mounts on with hose clamps - you can get the specifications of where to locate the mounts from, it only costs a couple of pounds / dollars to get the actual welds done.

As long as you’re confident that you’ve got the mounts in the right place, you can get them welded not brazed, which is easier to get done, or was for me anyway.


to zip tie, you also need a v-brake adaptor, plus a set of maguras with the v-brake fittings - not the ones from It costs more money, and is a heavier setup which brakes worse than having the mounts welded on.

Once you get over the fear of it, getting a 5 minute welding job like this done is very easy and cheap, any welding shop / car repairer will be able to do it. The worst that happens if you don’t setup the mounts correct is you destroy a $20 frame.


Thanks for the input. How do I know where to put the mounts? My Nimbus frame is worth too much to not get it right the first time.

you need to read the ‘mounting dimensions for magura braze on mounts’

which might be on this link but otherwise is on

You basically need to be the correct distance from the rim, and the mounts have to be at right angles to the rim seen from the top.

I filed off the chrome under the four tabs on the mounts, but apparently it doesn’t really matter if it’s welded.

I used a couple of old blocks of wood under the hose clamps to keep the bits in place - I dunno if you need that if the hose clamps are the right size to start with. 1 hose clamp per mount, make sure it’s in the middle.

Basically it’s pretty obvious once you have the mounts and read the PDF on


Thanks for all your help Joe, that is what I will do!!!:slight_smile:

The chorme will be vapourised by the heat and cause no problem if you’re gas welding, but I’m not so sure for electric methods. Either way, it will fume poisionous gas when it does so, so don’t stand too close.