Nimbus 24” Muni

For sale: Nimbus 24” Muni with ISIS hub, 150mm Venture 2 cranks, 400mm seatpost, Duro Leopard tire.

I’ve been torn about selling this as I learned to unicycle on this fine steed, but find myself riding my Hatchet and Equinox most of the time. It has the typical scuffing on the seat and pedals, but otherwise is in excellent condition and has approximately 110 miles on it per my fitness app. I used a Hookworm for most of my riding so the Duro has at most 20 miles on it.

Specs are here except mine has the previous generation Venture 2 cranks:

Asking $250 shipped in the Continental US via Bikeflights (FedEx Ground). I have the factory box and will ship in it. $225 local pickup in Minneapolis, MN area.

I also have a set of lightly used 102mm Venture 2 cranks I can include for an extra $35.

Photos are here:

Unicycle is SOLD