Nimbus 24" Muni with "coasting" Trike Hub, disc brake, etc...

This is the uni I built after Waalrus summoned the coasting spirit of unicycling. It is a great muni, but be forewarned this is a coasting uni, so it backpedals like a bike! It is as pictured in this thread: Why are disc brakes good for a unicycle?

I will sell it with 125 and 150 cranks square taper, Magura MT 2 brake w/ 185mm rotor, ghetto flat KH street saddle, and standard KH grab handle; the KH sponner is not included, I have a “real” spoon taped in it’s place :slight_smile:

Looking for best offer cash or trade.

Trades: I would consider a 26" Muni of equal value, possibly a cash plus deal if someone had a KH or Oracle, but no junk.

PM for details.

still for sale?

The Coasting Muni has been sold :slight_smile: