nimbus 24 muni w,brakes

Orange,double hole 137/165 moments,hs33 brakes excellent cond,normal pedal and seat handle scuffs,325.00 shipped,

make offer

make offer reasonable

You got pictures? What saddle, seat post, pedals, ect? I would possibly offer $200 without brake.

pics coming

im working on them now

I’d like to get in line for negotiations if Rahbee doesn’t pick it up :slight_smile:

John M


Didn’t you put this up for sale a while back? If I remember right everyone wanted pictures then too.

where are you?

sale pending,thanks everyone


i bought this uni on the 22nd of November and he says he was going to ship it out on the 23rd…still have not received…how long till i should worry and contacted pay pal about it?

Have you contacted him?

Contact the seller first. If you don’t receive a response in a couple of days, file a claim with Paypal. I just had to do this and received a refund of my money… it took a couple of weeks to straighten it out though. The nice thing about paypal is, you cover your ass as much as you can and they’ll back you up if it’s all legit.

Pay Pal is great but their process takes some time, 4-6 weeks often, to get your money back. You will have to show that you have attempted to contact the seller, and then they will act on your behalf. They will give the seller time to respond and present his side of the story. Is the seller responding to your attempts to contact him??

Unless it is coming from Mongolia you should have gotten in long ago. Go to the Pay Pal site and look up how to file a claim so you know what the process is.

Good Luck

Oh ya I’ve tried… He hasn’t replied on this site and his email is deleted??? And he never returns any calls (it’s not even his phone he called me from) soo I am going to make a claim as soon as I get home I already made a dispute arggg this sucks oh well I guess I’m just gonna have to buy a 2010 kh 24 =[

so he is obviously a scammer. file the claim and wait for pay pal to do their thing. you’ll get your money back in 4-6 weeks. at least your not out any money, just time. does the administrator have a place where they list scum bags? you should forward it to the admin. either way.

Well, he seems to have sold quite a few unis previously if you look under ‘Find More Posts by’ on his profile. Why don’t you try contacting previous buyers? They might have his address/details/contact/know him personally, etc etc.

thats an idea… maybe ill try that but so far been 3 days and he hasnt even responded to paypals message so looks good for me

ill look up his contacts thank you for the great idea!

I am one of the people that bought something from redmuni. I paid and he said it would be sent the next day. It never came. I asked what was up again and he said he had shipped it the day before but STILL didn’t come. I got pissed and started to initiate a complaint with Paypal as well as my credit card company. When I mentioned this to redmuni he was full of excuses and tales of woe. Maybe it was true, maybe not. Having been lied to already in the process I was not inclined to believe him.

Anyway, I did get what I paid for eventually. When I saw these new ads I was afraid someone was going to be going through the same thing and I guess that came to pass.

Me too…

I was not going to call Redmuni out on this one but it sounds like a few of us were affected by whatever happened on his end. I really am hoping it was all a big mistake and not a felow unicyclist trying to take advantage of us :frowning:

I got my money back too but it was a little bit of a hassle and took a while.

so what is the status here? sold or not? and has anyone seen a pic yet?