Nimbus 24" Mountain Unicycle - Orange and Used

Well used Nimbus 24" Mountain Unicycle. It’s an older version of this one here. Has scratches and the saddle’s vibrant colors have faded, but it rides just fine and I’m selling since I’ve upgraded to a bigger wheel. The original seat post is cut but it’ll also come with a longer one. Also missing a screw between the saddle and seat post. Looking for $220 local or an additional $40 for CONUS shipping, PayPal or cash.

Is this uni available to be shipped to Los Angeles? Thank you!

There is. 24 nimbus munii on ebay. Very reasonable not sure if they will ship. I would try to persuade them if they are unwilling. Seems like you are on the hunt. Nimbus 24” Muni Unicycle Used Local Pickup Albany GA | eBay

Thank you!

Your welcome? weponized bacon uses a cycling shipping service that provides discounted shipping and boxes for bikes. You may want to reach out to him for information on shipping a uni. I just forget what it’s called.

Mountain unis have changed a bit over the years. The vintage ones often have cotterless cranks, which are a bit weak for a heavy rider or an aggressive rider, but would be just fine for most younger riders or cross country riders. Ones made in the past 14 years or so usually have splined cranks which are much stronger. The main difference between slightly older models and newer ones is that the newer ones generally have brake and disc mounts built in, so adding a brake is an easy option, but there are ways to retrofit an older uni too. Also, wheel size has generally increased and cranks are generally shorter. Are you buying it for yourself or someone else?

The one I’m referring to on eBay has venture cranks isis hub It doesn’t look all that old.

Also I’m not trying to derail the sale of the uni listed at the top of this tread I am just assuming since it’s an old post it’s been sold… I could be wrong.

I am looking for a muni for myself. I am not very big nor am I looking to do difficult trails.

That 24 or the one listed on this post is ideal for learning muni I am only 5 7 and I ride a 26, 29 and a 32 . 32 is my limit and I’m most comfortable on my 26 muni and my 29 road.

I enjoyed the 24 inch muni I owned and would be happy with another 24, but 26 would be perfect I think.

Bike flights is the name of the shipping service. I’ve got one en route from him.

I have a nimbus 26er with the 3inch tire. I ride rough bike trails and gravel, no technical muni. The 3 inch tire makes it close in size to my 29 nimbus road uni with s 2.25 inch tire. The 26er is fun and handle bumps and roots nicely. I find I ride it 3 to 5 miles at a clip quite comfortably. 26 a nice all around size

I’ve been doing muni on a 27.5" Quax RGB with 145mm cranks. I’ve ordered a 24" from M41 though as I both want to have a backup muni and to see if I can climb better or ride more technical downhill on it.

I do ride “technical muni” but I’m a relative beginner. For me, technical muni means steep descents or climbs with shifting lines and obstacles. I don’t do drops of more than 20 cm or so, at least not intentionally.

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