Nimbus 20 w/ moments (137) (feeler)

I’m selling my nimbus with moments.
It’s an awesome unicycle, very strong, very fun to ride.

Frame Nimbus 2 red frame 20 inch
Tire: Maxxis CC (very very very bald)
rim: Nimbus (KH '05)
hub: nimbus
cranks : KH MOMENTS 137
seat: Barely used Nimbus gel
seatpost: aluminum

I’ll post more later. I have to go. Picture to come. YOU GIVE ME AN OFFER
You pay shipping of course.

First off, Where do you live? (Might sound creepy but i dont mean exact, just cause of shipping) What do you mean by very bald tire? also does 275 CAN sound ok? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yo, under his avatar it says ft collins, co.

I’m in Fort Collins. Thanks OneWheelLess.

Here is where I’m coming from. If you have an argument for the price. Let me know, we’ll talk.

New: 330 (with moments)

14 (or so) months of legit riding- 70$

= 240

But, new seat (a small rip or two)

  • 35

= 275 USD, you pay shipping.

Anyone interested?

I use the 50% rule when I shop used mechandise. If something is obviously used, (bald tires, ripped seat) but servicable I feel 50% is a good measure of true value, and I often pay near or around that for good used equipment from Craigslist or E-Bay. Therefore I will offer you $165 for your Nimbus. Thanks, Mark

No offense but I think 50% is too much to take of just because it’s used.
It’s still strong, nice and legit.

I also agree with the 50% rule and work my way up. No telling how bad anything is till you get it, then it’s the money you paid plus shipping, plus replacement parts and you’re almost better off buying it new and getting a warranty.


I’m at school right now, but definitely tonight

I would buy the crank bolts…


Please note this unicycle comes with metal dx’s not the oddyseys.

Hey, I’ll trade you some 125s for those 137s, ha ha.:wink:

I’ve got a deal lined up with Isaac Steiner. I just need money for this unicycle. It’s basically sold unless the deal falls through.

It’s open again. Come on, I could really use the money.

I’m sorry but I have to agree. 275? Are you joking? 15 more buck and I can have a brand new one of those. You’re going to have to lower the price tremendoussly if you want any chance of selling this. If this had a better looking tire, I would probably buy this, but seriously, lower it. We all need money right now…

15 will get you a nimbus w/o moments.
If you don’t like the price, pm me, and we’ll settle on one.

Still open.

I’ll go down to 265 USD

what price??

are you still neg. or is this firm? what does a new one really cost?