Nimbus 20" Trials - Warranty and Strength

First, I am wondering if the Nimbus Trials has a warranty. I have read a few comments about Nimbus 20" Trials breaking and I’m just curious if there is any type of warranty.
Second, are these claims true? Will the Nimbus break on me? I’m 160 pounds and I’m planning on doing some rough trials.
Third, would you suggest this unicycle or the new Torker DX 20"?

i bent my venture cranks pretty fast and i weigh 120. I say save up and get a KH or get a KH crankset and hub and youll be pretty set.

Either way your still gonna break stuff if you ride hard, i bent my nimbus rim and im getting K1 street rim.

If you want a super strong trials uni you can see if Joe still has his KH up for sell in the buy and sell section of the forums.

the nimbus is just an old kh wheelset (06) with a heavier frame. but get it with moments. 137s are better than 125s for trials anyway

plenty strong, you prob won’t break it…ive broken not broken one and i ride hard and weigh about 175