Nimbus 20" Trials Review?

Does anyone have a Nimbus 20" Trials unicycle? I am thinking of getting one. I only weigh 110, so will the unicycle withstand 3-5 foot drops with my weight? If this isn’t a good unicycle please tell me. And if anyone has it please just right a little review on it. If there is only bad things about it I will probably get a Qu-Ax, but the problem with the Qu-Ax I think is, that it is never in stock on UDC is that true?

I purchased the Qu-ax 20" trials from about a week ago because they had it in stock and didn’t. It was also cheaper there. But the bad news is it has to be shipped all the way from Germany so it might be a while. But I’m hoping it should take no longer than 2 weeks.

As i have said before in previous threads, the Nimbus trials uni is fine aslong as you accept that one day you will break the hub, and if you intend doing 5ft drops that day will come fairly soon. As with all these things it depends alot of your luck and your skill, but it is listed as ‘not suitable for serious jumping’ for a reason, and ‘serious jumping’ means anything above about 1ft. Although your low weight will help, if you’re really going to be getting the kind of height you mentioned i think a splined Uni is a must, both from a economic and saftety point of view. The Qu-Ax (splined yellow hub one) sounds ike an ideal choice.

Onza trials are on sale now for 299 bucks. It’s a good uni a really great price.

Yeah I am now going for that, but there are only 5 left. So I will just save up 300 bucks, and see if they have Onzas left, and if they don’t I will get the Qu-Ax probably, it should be in stock by the time i have 300 bucks/

I’ll probally do the same thing as mercyme. but right now i’m saving up.:o

Darn i missed the price cut on the Onza :frowning:

Do not get a Nimbus!!! they break to easily!!! my uncle owns a very good bike shop specilizinf in unicycles and he already had a bunch of people coming in ordering new ones cause ther broke the hub or cranks. (this is for you own safety)


for $60 more you can get a much stronger one.

It’s a good uni

Well I have got the 2005 nimbus trials and it’s great. It may not be good for doing huge drops but if you are only just learning to ride trials style stuff it’s great. It is light, has loads of bounce and I have done numerous small drops, loads of hops and mine is still in great shape. I even use mine for riding down short flights of stairs and I am not exactly light, I weigh about 14 stone or 90Kg.

It really is a good uni.

i have/had a nimbus. it broke after 4 months, and im deciding to get a new unicycle. the problem with it was the crank wouldnt tighten after i like took it off a 6 stair and did some drops. if your just learning, but u wanna c if u like trials, get it i guess, but if you get good itll break. by the way, im about your weight so it didnt break cuz im fat.

Hello MercyMe!
I learnt to unicycle on a dodger that I bought, then I bought a Nimbus Trials.
18 months later I am planning to sell my nimbus and dodger to buy an Onza.

I am just one of many that outgrow their low end unicycles.

Do yourself a favour, learn from my mistake and buy a unicycle that you wont want to be worrying about ourtgrowing in a year or two.

Hope this helps and isn’t too intense. It’s already caused me a big headache!


I’ve had the nimbus since the end of September. It’s ok but I wish I had gotten a different one. The frame bangs your shins when unicycling for a long time. There’s the whole weak hub thing which is true because it doesnt strong at all. It does have some nice pedals, tire, and seat, but since those could all be purchased separately there’s nothing that makes is superior to others. Over all it is an ok unicycle for its price tag.

Yeah I’ve had my nimbus for a while now. Yup I ended up getting it.
I love it. Holds up great, nothing bent or broken yet. Have done some serious MUni with it, and some hard trials. Great uni for its price.

Ok, for the last year I have been extremely happy with my Nimbus…

Great, light uni that has been good to me. It was easy to learn basic trails on it and was very affordable under my budget.

Once your ready, then replace the hub.

As for strenght, well I had a bent crank and then my unicycle got rear ended by a car… Wheel completely bent but frame was fine.

Splined Hub? Who need’s 36 spline for learning trails? A square taper is a 4 Spline.

I love my new KH 20 but I feel that I should sing the praises of the Nimbus

everyone needs at least 10 spline for learning trials imo.
i couldn’t imagine breaking another wheelset in under 6 months by buying a square tapered wheelset. yuck.
still… they are cheap. gotta hand them that. imho, buy a qu-ax tho.

I have yet to buy a splined anything, and I have done many 4’8" drops with bad landings and have yet to bend my cranks or damage the hub.

Now that being said, I weigh practically nothing, a measily 120 pounds so weight is a huge decision maker when it comes to splined.

i weigh 170 pounds, but im not fat or chubby, just muscley, even though i dont relaly look it, its weird, so for me i have to get splined or else ill brake everything else lol, besides splined is better in the long run

I weigh about 200 pounds and I have been abusing the nimbus trials for the last year and the hub and cranks are still straight.

My muni is splined but my trials isn’t and they are both standing up to all the abuse that I can throw at them, I have done loads of drops of up to about 2 feet and I even used it to learn on so my technique probably wasn’t the best when I started doing drops and hoppping up and riding down stairs.

I have had no problems with my nimbus trials at all would reccommend them to anyone who wanted to start riding

yeh, well im wondering if the extra price for a KH 20 is worth it over a Nimbus trials