Nimbus 16"

I am wondering if it would be a good idea to sell my old(Blue)Hoppley and then get a Nimbus 16" ISIS? Please tell me if this is a good idea!
Link to Nimbus 16":

How tall are you? how old are you? what type of riding do you do? how long have you been riding?

Answers to a few of these would be very useful in helping us answer your question. You havnt given us much to work with.

Sorry, I just wanted to get this out before everbody went to school and forgot about putting that stuff in. I am 5’ 7", 158lbs, unknown age(in the teens), and I have been riding for about three years but realy hard riding for the past 1/2 year. I was thinking that the 16" would be lighter and therfore I could jump higher. I am also mainly urban trials.


no man two small you really want a nice 20 or 19 inch

No, I have a 20" (Hoppley) but I realy want a small wheel so it will be lighter.
Can’t big guys have little wheels?

The problem lies in the thin rim and tiny tire.

You won’t be able to jump higher if you can’t compress your tire.

I don’t think it would be as strong, and your rail balance may become a bit worse.

I recomend staying with a 20".

What is the weight difference of a Hoppley 20 and a nimbus 20? As far as I know, same frame, post, seat, rim, tire, and the main difference is the spokes, but moment cranks and ISIS hub are around 3 pounds.

But if you really want to, go for the 16".

It wasnt too long ago tons of people were wondering about a 16" for a trials uni so thy can have a great tuck and a lighter uni. But no one I saw ever tried it.

Best reasoning I’ve heard all day.

At most you’ll be able to tuck higher SIF(smaller wheel fits closer to crotch) and your vertical will suffer.

yes, you will be swapping from a tyre deisgned for trials to one designed for a very small child’s bike, this is less than ideal.

There are 16" trials tires available from Monty.

The only question now is the rim. Ill e-mail them to see what rim they use in that picture, but I do know that a 16" double walled, aluminum rim exists. Its 38mm wide. The Alex DX32 is 39mm wide, and with a 2.5 tire on it, fold every now and then. So with the 16", one mm skinnier, and .1" skinnier on the tire, im sure it would act similiar to the Alex/trials tire combo.

oh sweet, but why on earth do they make that? looks in that photo like monty also make a solid 16" rim

Im not sure of the market size for them, but I guess the demand is high enough.

We do have to take into consideration, the number of holes in the rim. I know there are 16" rims, but are they drilled 36H?

might i suggest a nimbus 19" trials from udc for 255?

Hm, this whole discussion and possibility of a monty tire/rim makes me curious. Now for selfish reasons I’d like you to do it, just to see if you’re on to something. (and maybe buy the hoppley :o)