Nightrider Tire for 29"

So far I have 1,500km on my nimbus nightrider pro. Tire still looks perfect, like the day I got it.

I primarily ride is on bike trails. It still pick up the small pebbles but my fender catches the spray.

What would be great is a Nightrider tire for the 29".
Is there anything is the works for different tire sizes or is the 36" the only size available.

BTW> The 29" unicycle is the best !!!

You might be interested in this thread about 29" (700) tires (tyres):

What is it that you like most about the Nightrider tire? Is it the long tread life? The way it handles road crown? contact patch?

I have been looking at different 29’er road tires, and there aren’t many apart from the Schwalbe offerings. One that my LBS has in stock is the Serfas Drifter City 29x2.0, It’s got a nice round profile and good sidewalls. The tread looks like it might fair pretty well on xc trails, as well as road.

Anyway I am interested in finding out more about what makes the Nightrider a favorite for you.

Need for new inovation in 29"

Its time for new inovation in 29" scene.

65psi tire capability.
Long tire wear

more choice in tire

should I go on

How long do you want it to last?

I got my first 29er tire, a Michelin 700x50 slick, almost 4 years ago. I rode it off and on, and then I trained and raced RTL on it. It definitely shows wear, but it’s still very much rideable as a slick tire.

The Schwalbe slicks are very nice too. I have a pair on a bicycle.

How many choices do you need for a road tire?

I agree about more choice. It seems like most of the development has been in the XC category, with a couple of newer entries targeting more dh/freeride. There is really a dearth of good road choices, and I really don’t like the big apple. I have gotten used to the way it handles road crown, but the tread seems to be wearing at an unrealistically fast pace. The Serfas tire has much more tread, and a rounder profile. I suspect it will be a better tire all around than the big apple.

Here are the specs:

Integrated Flat Protection System Provides Superior Puncture Resistance. Inverted Tread Design Reduces Rolling Resistance for More Speed. Super Hard 69 Durometer Compound for Enhanced Tire Wear. Bead: Wire. Pressure: 65 PSI.

I will put in a plug for the Marathon Supreme tire by Schwalbe. It is light, great on corners, and rides very nicely. It is still new, so I am not sure how it will wear. I got the 29 X 2.00 tire, which is rated to 70 psi. I am running it about 60 psi.

You can get it cheaper from other suppliers.

I previously used the standard Schwalbe Big Apple tire (2.35"), which is OK, but not as good on corners and much heavier.

I thought that the 29" wheel size was currently the fastest evolving bike tire size there is. Many major tire manufacturers are innovating 29" tires as we speak/type

For what it’s worth, I’ll add a ‘me too’ to that. I’ve probably clocked up a couple of thousand miles on mine now and it’s not showing many signs of wear and tear yet.


29" tire wish list

A tire with high mileage capability

Chamber of road doesn’t force tire to lean away from rider (I hate that, fighting lean on long road).

Puncture resistant.

Bouncing capable

What the heck is “Bouncing Capable”? Tires should generally absorb shock more than bounce.

All three of the other things have been the case for the Michelin City Slicker I’ve used. I have at least 2000 miles on it, mixed on and off road. I didn’t notice road camber issues. And I only remember getting 1 flat the whole time.

It sounds like the Schwalbe Marathon would work too. I don’t understand why you are wishing for something that is already available.

If it means being able to hop on the spot then the Marathon Supreme meets all 4 of the criteria. Certainly the first 3 with flying colours.



I got the Marathon Supreme on your suggestion. Thank you!

I always knew deep down in my heart that someone somewhere actually read my posts. This is the proof I have been searching for!

My work here is done.