Nightfox 36 frame with a 29er knard tire??

I’m still insearch of a suitable frame that will support a 29er KH/Schlumpf with wide KH freeride rim and the 29 x 3.00" Surly Knard tire.

Anyone tried this combo or something close to that on that Night fox 36er frame??

Is the Nightfox bearing clamp width right for a Schlumpf??


It is not.

Check the parts list at UDC and it says 127mm. A schlumpf is 100mm.

All nimbus 36ers at the moment use wider bearing spacing than normal.

Thanks. That answers my question.

No problem. :slight_smile:

You might be able to get a custom frame from Jaco Flans that would do it.

Thanks for the promotion, I was about to say that! I’ve got one 29 x 3" frame right now (sold though) but I was planning on making a few others as I think they’ll be popular setups. It fits a Schlumpf hub and a disk brake!

Check out the following link for pictures and more info, PM me for even more info! :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the viability of a Knartfox with Stan’s Hugo rim.