Night Ride in Hamilton, North Shore stuff, Friday July 8

Hey everyone around the Hamilton area,

we are meeting for a night ride this friday at 8:30.

the exact meeting place is still to be determined, but we are riding at ‘the place where there is north shore type stuff’

if anyone has an ideal meeting place for that before the non-forum readers who know about it get back to me, please feel free to name a place and give directions

We did something like this last year and it was a hoot!

anyone interested?

Hi Brian;

I was hoping to attend but I am once again on the injured list so can’t make it.


That’s too bad Roman

We are going to ride at Waterdown

take Hwy 6N off of the 401

at the top of the hill, Hwy 5, turn left (away from Waterdown) and we will meet up at the time hortons there.

there are 4 people for sure as it stands


You’re killin’ me. My family (wife & 3 girls {2 who ride}) are driving to Waterdown and I have to stay here in Pittsburgh to work! If I had a few more hours off, I’d drive up there just for the ride. My father-in-law lives a full one minute unicycle ride away from the very Tim Horton’s that you are meeting at! Are you going down Mill Street to the Bruce Trail? Man I wish I could come…another time for sure. Have a great time!!!

Unidaddy (Bob)

Now that sucks!

We’re heading back in mid-late Aug sometime as well, hopefully for a much larger gathering

I’m not sure of the directions other than the ones I posted, I hvae been to waterdown once. a few years ago. in the daylight. on a mountainbike.

next time! (drop me a line should you ever be up in the area!)

sorry, it’s north off the 403, not the 401

possibly the worst case of unicycle lack of maintenance?

I haven’t checked my Profile cranks for so long, that when I went to get back on my MUni after a bout of walking through some ‘too annoying not just toio walk through parts’ and i looked down and I had no crank to step onto…it had fallen off.

We were at the halfway point, we had ridden about 30-45 mins so far

I soon discovered how fun it was to run with a unicycle in the woods knowing that there was no crank on your side of the wheel to hit your legs with.

(it really was fun, I enjoyed it…steering the unicycle and still trying for it to do jumps and lines as I was only holding it by the seat as I ran through and over technical stuff and up and down hills through the dark with my helmet light on, there were 100’s of fireflys out, they were quite distracting. There was even one firefly that Keiar simply could not get off my camelback…the light from my cell phone)

These trails have now surpassed my beloved North Bay trails as my favourite trails to ride on ever. These trails have everything I want, and stuff that is still beyond my level (until I ride here more and more)

I would love to have some sort of mass unicycle night ride gathering there mid august sometime, would anyone be into that? the trails are really open and have lots of areas where people could ride side by side, but all taking very cool lines through the trees and some incredible climbs and descents.

Lots of man made stuff, there is a teeter totter, and the pivot point is on top of a cable spool. This is a very unique feeling to a teeter totter, I suggest everyone try one out!

I love having really great trails near by. I should just look over my unicycles more often.

it is a HUGE network of trails and we have access to a Muni’r who knows them like the back of his hand

Brian good to hear you stil enjoyed the ride/run . If my half planned visit back home for mid august happens I’ll be sure to try to plan around your possible ride.