Nick Caffroy?

Where is he? What is he doing? Does he still ride?

-Shaun Johanneson

I dont think I’ve actually heard of this guy, who is he?

nik caffroy, if you’ve seen defect you’ve seen him. he’s in “kevin’s” part.

yeah, where is he,

altso, whats up with brian lundgren? i loved his part in defect! any new vids of him?

Why is this in the video section?

I think street riders are the only ones who come here often… and he’s a street rider, so why not…

We should just change the name of the video forum to the street forum hahaha.

Kevin McMullin

:sunglasses: That would be sweet to have a whole section for street :sunglasses:

Yeah, lets do it

Shaun, you should make a new vid!!


does nick caffroy have an account here on unicyclist?

His tire exploding is one of my favorite parts of Defect… what are the chances of something like that happening? Does anyone know the story behind it? How did it happen on take-off?

Funny that Nick and Brian should both be mentioned in this thread they’re the two bits I’ve been watching the most often…

I dont think it is possible to make another section on saying Street, then we would have to make a trials and freestyle section, but they would be empty because there is nothing interesting other than new tricks, and hopping records, jk

But is it possible

There really isn’t enough stuff on street in RCU for it to need its own section.

No. Which is a damn shame.

No. I don’t think he even owns a computer.

It was strange, white liquid went flying everywhere. Watch close, you can see it splat on the lens.

Side note on that shot: you can’t really tell, but there are two holes in the landing area, he had to jump just right and land between them to pull it off.

I think that even though this thread has now been deemed a lot cause, we just got a huge treat! MIKE CLARK!! That’s awesome! Great to hear from you man, hope we will meet up sometime in the near future… Maybe I can see your monkey dance…

Kevin McMullin

haah monkey dance

Hey Mike, while you are here, can I ask you about your Boonaroo? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Defect joke just in case someone doesn’t get it ha.)


Which post was he? onetrack?



He doesnt ride much anymore. I rode with him maybe a few moths ago. Hes still pretty good and almost had trey back flips… but hes only ridden twice in the past year or something like that. His account is extremeuni or something like that. Hes in the crankflip thread if you find it.