nice drop Jus-10

thats a real ankle buster,i wont go that high.tye your shoes :slight_smile:

Yeah that was way cool!! I’ve never seen anybody drop so hard that they are ejected out of their shoes. You’ll own that drop some day.


i’m confused, who is that?

yeah that’s pretty high, but i’d be more worried about the crazy angle on the landing. or maybe it just looks crazy from that shot. how high is that? 6 feet?

also Mojoe, i think the shoes were lost shortly after the initial landing.

hey thx guys

it took me about 5 trys but i landed it yesterday , the clip will be up in a few days along with tons of new ones.

laid her,

What does one need to play the .mov video?

The QuickTime movie player by Apple

It’s a free download. No need to upgrade to the Pro version. The free version will play the videos just fine, although it will nag you to upgrade.

The Apple downloads are for Mac and Windows. If you have Linux there are some free players available but I don’t know what they are or how to find them.

Thanks for that John.

I was having that problem… Ihave never been able to watch .mov’s

Thanks again,