Nextie 36" carbon rim

Mine arrive today as well! I won’t be home for a couple days to check it out though

Whats all the fuss about nipple washers? I have absolutely no experience with carbon. Never owned any bike parts made of carbon (except for a seat-post) :sunglasses: Would it be advisable to use washers if I just build the wheel with brass nipples?

Btw. my Nextie rim was just handed over to DHL in the Netherlands so that probably means that the rim will be with me early next week.

I will mount a Vee Tire T-Monster on the rim…



First attempt…

Sadly I figured out that the nipples used were at least 2 different kinds. 14mm/16mm and for different spoke wrenches. They were bought together as a set with the spokes and I obviously assumed they were the same type/length. I was building in the evening while my kids were distracting me (and using only a screwdriver, not a spoke wrench) so I did not notice before examining the build next day :frowning:

Anyway now it’s rebuild with some 14mm black nipples (which also looks a bit nicer…)

It’s a KH Spirit hub and build with 367mm spokes (standard KH36 spokes) but with a 4-cross pattern to compensate for the smaller ERD of the Nextie rim compared to the regular KH36 rim. The length of the spokes for this configuration is perfect.

Tube is a stretched Schwalbe SV19 and used 16mm Velox rim tape. Tire is the Vee Tire T-Monster. It was very difficult to mount on the rim. Broke a few cheap tire levers in the process. Tire seated very nicely/evenly as soon as I started inflating.

Now time to build i complete Uni and test drive, but unfortunately that will have to wait until tomorrow…


Thats awesome. I’m still building mine. I have gone with 3 cross and my spoke length is 356mm using a nimbus 36 hole hub.

How did you manage getting the stretched inner tube on?

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It’s my first 36" so I never done it before but it was suprisingly easy (or maybe I got lucky… :sunglasses: )

I just inflated it lightly to get it into shape. Just as I would do with a regular tire/tube change.
Then I put the valve through the rim and then I slowly stretched the tube around the rim. Afterwards I carefully made sure that the tube was not twisted anywhere. While slowly rotating the wheel I lifted the tube a bit off the rim to make sure it was as evenly stretched as possible. Last step was obviously to mount the tire itself without pinching the tube.

The reason why I chose this tube is the post quoted below (SV19/AV19 is likely the same except for the valve). He also shares some interesting other points about mounting and using stretched tubes.

Only negative I have to say about my configuration is that a valve length of 40mm is a bit short for the Nextie rim. Look closely at the pictures and its quite obvious. If you are unlucky your pump might not be able to get a proper connection to the valve.

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Nice! The matte 3K and black decals look sweet :ok_hand:t3:

I was in town long enough to unbox mine before leaving again but i hope to get it built up sometime later next week

Dang that thing looks sexy! Can’t wait to have mine too!
Good info on the valve. I also worked out that my current spoke will be exactly right if I lace 4x. But it’s always nice to see that it actually worked beyond the theory.
When you replaced all the nipples, you went for 12mm everywhere?
Also did you use washers between the nipples and the rim?

Well this is a good sign.

Hard to get on, hopefully hard for it to come off.

Scrap all of your cheap tyre levers though - they’re not worth the stress and frustration. I chucked all of mine after I tried a few decent Schwalbe ones many years ago.


So true :+1: It was actually Schwalbe tire levers that got the job done at the end when the others had failed.

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It’s a good sign indeed! I dont have experience with hookless rims so the fact that it fits snug is reassuring

I used 14mm but I believe 12mm would be sufficient as the spokes seems like the perfect length so no need for any additional length nipples. 14mm was just what I could get for delivery early next morning.

No i did not use any washers.

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Nextie say you don’t need to use a washer between the rim and the nipple. It was a question that I asked. I do have it on an email as well.


@Unikev, no pictures of yours yet?

Sorry I have a few photos.
It’s currently at the wheel builders being built.




I don’t know which I prefer now.

The flat black is significantly less fancy looking, but it looks very sleek and I rather like it when performance parts don’t try and show off too much.

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I was torn between this style and the one @WeaponizedBacon had chosen

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I agree! I don’t have buyers remorse but i must say that the black on black is super nice and if i were buying again it would probably be the one :ok_hand:t3:

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What frames is everyone using for the 36” carbon Nextie

Mine will go in my oracle frame