Nextie 32" carbon rim

Nextie just announced the release of a 32" rim.
They posted a rather long story about it here.

Direct link to the rim

I must admit that I personally never really felt the need to try a 32" unicycle. It’s not much larger than a 29" (with a plus size tire) and it’s not a 36" and there is currently only one tire available as far as I know.

Any thoughts on this rim? Anyone want to try it out? Or try to convince me to try a 32" :slight_smile: ?


Curious. Aren’t there even more limited tyres for this size. As in just one: the nimbus?

Tubeless Compatible: Yes

This cracks me up a small bit.

I do agree that I can’t say I’d rush out for a carbon 32” wheel. But we can’t complain about innovation in this space so long as it works and develops the tyre market too.


Same boat for me. Having the 29" and the 36" I’m covered functionally for my terrain.


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I’d personally would be happy to give it a try. I commute on a G29 and I find it a bit too small. On the other side, I own a G36 and I find it a bit too big to ride in town - it takes a lot of space when I dismount it. A G32 may be a perfect in between size.

But as you said, there’s currently a single tire for this size. And that sucks. If they get more common, maybe this rim will finally find its market. But it’s probably too soon for that.


Yay for more selection for unicycles. Honestly of you’re looking at a 32" even a 29" with a wide 2.8-3.0 tire you get a similar size. I had a L Techno Mad4One frame that could fit both and the sizing was fairly similar but I liked the option available for a 29". I’ve gotten pretty good at spinning the wheel up so I feel like there a good argument to be made for a high end 29" (good spokes, carbon rim, expensive tire, you tube), that might make it just as fast as a 32" with enough practice and might be the same price at the end of the day.

There was also some concerns about the nextie 36" being hookless and it having some comparability issues with the current 36" tire selection as a hookless rim needs a tubeless specific tire.

Quite notably they offer it with an inner width of 30mm, unlike their 787 rim which measures 34/35mm. I consider this an improvement.

I guess that some custom bicycle manufacturers are taking notice, might join in and hopefully take some tyre manufacturer with them on 32inch, e.g. Dirtytwoer, Almosttruebike, 32pollici.

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I noticed that Sunlite also makes a 32" cruiser tire. It’s probably even worse than the Nimbus, but it’s cheap!

(screenshot from a random bike shop selling them)

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Don’t you think if you have the same practice you’ll be faster on a 32er than on a 29er? You’ll probably spin equally fast, but that should make you faster.

Good catch! But that’s also a tube type tire… :frowning:

Very good point, I’m a bit biased towards 29" myself. From the size comparison in the L frame, I think you could probably gets a 32" and a 29 x 3.0 build to be an approximate same diameter but save some weight on the 29" with more rim options I think was what I was thinking might be a good alternative too.

But yeah on a “standard” 29 vs 32, equal cadence the 32" will probably be faster.

If you can save some weight on the 29" though it might make spinning at a higher cadence easier and get your average speed up for less energy

I have a 29 and a 32. I prefer my 29er as my go to size, I am very comfortable on it and being 5" 7 it truly an ideal size for me. I know every one says the 32 is basically the same as a29er but I disagree and definitely can feel a difference. I definitely can go a little faster but it is also harder for me to free mount. The tire size is definitely a problem that I have not needed to address at this point. I am hoping to do a few longer day trips on the 32 this summer.


More power to you then! I’ve not ridden a 32 myself so it’s mostly conjecture but if you love it I’m glad it makes you happy :slight_smile:

I didn’t say I love it, I love my 29er. I’m saying they are different. If you review my posts going back years you will see I’m a huge 29er guy. If you had a chance to ride both sizes you would recognize a difference.

Neat :ok_hand:

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This looks like what the Walmart cruiser bike has/had on it. It’s a horrible tyre for unicycling.

Carbon 32" with a NR might be a real blast offroad, but so’s a 29"+. but I’m sure as heck not buying one. My 32" wheel hasn’t seen any use in well over a year.

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