Newsgroup disconnected

The forum RSU and the newsgroup RSU are once more disconnected. I presume that it is within Gilby’s power to analyse and correct the situation. I emailed him yesterday but haven’t heard since. If this reoccurring erratic behaviour continues for much longer, I might give up on RSU altogether.

:angry: :angry: :angry:

Klaas Bil

What does it mean, they are disconnected?

This should be in the FAQ if there were one.

Although many users (especially forum users) are not aware of it, there are three ways of accessing the community of online unicyclists that is called The oldest way is an e-mail list, later the newsgroup (on usenet) was established, and still later the forum on came into existence. All three ways are still in use. If everything is allright, then whatever is sent to any of these three is relayed (within minutes, or hours at most) to the other two so that it is almost transparent via what means individuals interact with rsu. Now, when I say that they are “disconnected” I just mean that the relaying doesn’t happen.

It seems though that the connection has been restored (at least partly, as I see several of my usenet posts on the forum) after having been down for about two days.

Klaas Bil