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                   REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION

Newsgroup: rec.sport.unicycling Status: unmoderated Distribution: world
Previous RFD: November 14, 1992. The vote failed and the unicycling mailing
list was created as a result. Summary: Discussion on all aspects of
unicycling, with a gateway to the unicycling mailing list. Proposed by: Ken
Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com> Beirne Konarski <bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu> Jimmy
Brokaw <Unicycler@juggler.demon.co.uk> Seth Golub <seth@cs.wustl.edu> Jack
Halpern <jhalpern@super.win.or.jp> Iain Hibbert <plunky@skate.demon.co.uk>
Peter Philip <peterp@foe.co.uk> John Foss <Unicycle@aol.com> Danny Colyer
<bs1dwc@bath.ac.uk> Mark Schecter <schecter@TFS.COM> Cross postings:
news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, rec.juggling, rec.bicycles.misc, and the
unicycling mailing list. Mailing list: unicycling@mcs.kent.edu,
unicycling-request@mcs.kent.edu, maintained by Beirne Konarski
<bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu> Unicycling FAQ: The current unicycling mailing list
FAQ will be posted to news.groups shortly after this RFD is posted.


For the discussion of all aspects of unicycling, including:

Riding unicycles: Various methods of learning to ride a unicycle. Learning
different unicycling skills. The 10 Achievement Skill Levels. The potential
dangers of riding various types of unicycles. Unicyclists: Personal
experiences. The benefits of riding, improved physical, mental, ... state.
Sometimes dramatic improvements in self-esteem. How to make unicycling
better for everyone. Unicycles: The theory of operation. Maintenance.
Different types. Design. Organizations: International Unicycling Federation.
Unicycling Society of America. Other national unicycling organizations.
Local unicycling clubs. Conventions, Competitions, and Shows: IUF's UNICON
(UNIcycling CONvention). USA's NUC (National Unicycling Convention).
Regional unicycling conventions. Local conventions or shows. Choreographed
artistic riding: Individual standard skill (rigid performing rules).
Individual freestyle. Pairs freestyle. Group standard skill. Group
freestyle. Unicycle racing: Timed fast speed racing (fastest wins). Timed
slow speed racing (slowest wins). Distance or time endurance. Racing tips
and techniques. Unicycle sports: Hockey. Basketball. Sumo wrestling. Other
unicycle sports. History about unicycling: Unicycling and unicyclists since
the beginning (around 1880). Who was the first person to invent or perform a
certain skill. Who was the first person to ride a certain type of unicycle.
Publications: The Unicycle Book. The Complete Book of Unicycling. Anyone Can
Ride a Unicycle. Other unicycling related books. IUF's Unicycling Magazine.
USA's On One Wheel. Other national or regional newsletters. Electronic
Publications: Unicycling FAQ (ftp or html), attached at the end of this RFD.
Mailing list / Newsgroup archives (<a href="ftp://ftp.mcs.kent.edu">ftp.mcs.kent.edu</a> /pub/Unicycling/ and
<a href="ftp://ftp.winternet.com">ftp.winternet.com</a> /users/kfuchs/Unicycling/) Unicycling Home Page
(<a href="http://nimitz.mcs.kent.edu/~bkonarsk/">http://nimitz.mcs.kent.edu/~bkonarsk/</a>) Other ftp files (<a href="ftp://ftp.mcs.kent.edu">ftp.mcs.kent.edu</a>
/pub/Unicycling/) Notification of various unicycling events.

Proposed newsreader description line:

rec.sport.unicycling All sorts of fun on one wheel.


Variation in traffic on the Unicycling Mailing List has been so great that
numerous people have unsubscribed. Although average traffic in November was
only 7 messages per day, there were numerous days with 30-40 messages. The
only reasonable way to deal with this traffic for many people, is the creation
of a related newsgroup, rec.sport.unicycling. Mailing list digests have been
suggested to avoid this problem, but dealing with a huge daily digest is
technically impossible (mail client can’t handle it) or quotas are exceeded
(system mailbox is too small) for most list members. List membership peaked at
130 a few months ago. (It has since increased to 165 in February.)

In a recent poll of members of the mailing list, 60 percent would use the
newsgroup exclusively, 22 percent would use both the newsgroup & the mailing
list, and 18 percent would use the mailing list exclusively.


The name should probably be rec.sport.unicycling, to match the directly
related Unicycling Mailing List. The most appropriate first level hierarchy
would be rec. Although there are both sport and artistic aspects to
unicycling, most of us feel that a second level hierarchy of sport would be
better than art.


The discussion period will start on the date this RFD is posted and last for
at least 21 days, but not more than 31 days.

Please post all discussion in news.groups.

If a consensus is reached by the end of the discussion period, a CFV (Call for
Votes) will be posted at that time. The voting period will last for 21 days.
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