[news.announce.newgroups] 2nd CFV: rec.sport.unicycling

Hi Fellow Unicyclists,

The 2nd CFV of rec.sport.unicycling is being forwarded to you, because you voted
yes to the previous rec.unicycle proposal. If you haven’t voted on
rec.sport.unicycling, please do so now (or by the 29th).

My apologies to those of you who have already voted or are no longer interested
in a unicycling newsgroup.



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                       LAST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
                 unmoderated group rec.sport.unicycling

Newsgroups line: rec.sport.unicycling All sorts of fun on one wheel.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 29 May 1995.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party. For voting questions
only, contact the votetaker, Bill Aten <bill@netagw.com>. For questions about
the proposed group, contact the proponent, Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com>.


This is the rationale for the proposal as submitted by the proponent.

Variation in traffic on the Unicycling Mailing List has been so great that
numerous people have unsubscribed. Although average traffic in November was
only 7 messages per day, there were numerous days with 30-40 messages. The
only reasonable way to deal with this traffic for many people, is the
creation of a related newsgroup, rec.sport.unicycling. Mailing list digests
have been suggested to avoid this problem, but dealing with a huge daily
digest is technically impossible (mail client can't handle it) or quotas are
exceeded (system mailbox is too small) for most list members. List
membership peaked at 130 a few months ago. (It has since increased to 165 in

In a recent poll of members of the mailing list, 60 percent would use the
newsgroup exclusively, 22 percent would use both the newsgroup & the mailing
list, and 18 percent would use the mailing list exclusively.


This is the newsgroup charter as submitted by the proponent.

For the discussion of all aspects of unicycling, including:

Riding unicycles: Various methods of learning to ride a unicycle. Learning
different unicycling skills. The 10 Achievement Skill Levels. The potential
dangers of riding various types of unicycles. Unicyclists: Personal
experiences. The benefits of riding, improved physical, mental, ... state.
Sometimes dramatic improvements in self-esteem. How to make unicycling
better for everyone. Unicycles: The theory of operation. Maintenance.
Different types. Design. Organizations: International Unicycling Federation.
Unicycling Society of America. Other national unicycling organizations.
Local unicycling clubs. Conventions, Competitions, and Shows: IUF's UNICON
(UNIcycling CONvention). USA's NUC (National Unicycling Convention).
Regional unicycling conventions. Local conventions or shows. Choreographed
artistic riding: Individual standard skill (rigid performing rules).
Individual freestyle. Pairs freestyle. Group standard skill. Group
freestyle. Unicycle racing: Timed fast speed racing (fastest wins). Timed
slow speed racing (slowest wins). Distance or time endurance. Racing tips
and techniques. Unicycle sports: Hockey. Basketball. Sumo wrestling. Other
unicycle sports. History about unicycling: Unicycling and unicyclists since
the beginning (around 1880). Who was the first person to invent or perform a
certain skill. Who was the first person to ride a certain type of unicycle.
Publications: The Unicycle Book. The Complete Book of Unicycling. Anyone Can
Ride a Unicycle. Other unicycling related books. IUF's Unicycling Magazine.
USA's On One Wheel. Other national or regional newsletters. Electronic
Publications: Unicycling FAQ (ftp or html), attached at the end of this RFD.
Mailing list / Newsgroup archives (<a href="ftp://ftp.mcs.kent.edu">ftp.mcs.kent.edu</a> /pub/Unicycling/ and
<a href="ftp://ftp.winternet.com">ftp.winternet.com</a> /users/kfuchs/Unicycling/) Unicycling Home Page
(<a href="http://nimitz.mcs.kent.edu/~bkonarsk/">http://nimitz.mcs.kent.edu/~bkonarsk/</a>) Other ftp files (<a href="ftp://ftp.mcs.kent.edu">ftp.mcs.kent.edu</a>
/pub/Unicycling/) Notification of various unicycling events.

This newsgroup will be gatewayed to the following mailing list:

    Unicycling Mailing List List address: &lt;unicycling@mcs.kent.edu&gt;


This CFV has been cross-posted to: news.announce.newgroups, news.groups,
rec.bicycles.marketplace, rec.bicycles.misc, rec.juggling

This CFV will also appear on the following mailing list:

    Unicycling Mailing List List address: &lt;unicycling@mcs.kent.edu&gt; Request
    address: &lt;unicycling-request@mcs.kent.edu&gt;


IMPORTANT: If anyone gave you a pre-completed ballot which did not leave the
voting choice up to you, you should modify the vote to reflect your choice of
YES, NO or ABSTAIN next to the item in the ballot. If you give anyone copies of
the CFV, the copies must be whole and unmodified. Distributing pre-filled in
ballots or modified copies of this CFV is considered voting fraud.

The only official sources for copies of this CFV are the UseNet newsgroups to
which it is posted including news.announce.newgroups, and the e-mail server
at <unicycling-cfv-request@netagw.com> The CFV server will return a copy of
the CFV to the sender. Your message may be left empty because any contents
will be ignored.

An official copy of this CFV will also be sent to the previously mentioned
mailing list after it is posted in news.announce.newgroups.


Erase everything above the “BEGINNING OF BALLOT” line and erase everything below
the “END OF BALLOT” line. Do not erase anything between these lines, and do not
change the group name. In other words, remove everything except the ballot. It
will be greatly appreciated by the votetaker if you do NOT forward the entire
CFV back to me–this mail is archived.

Give your name on the line that asks for it. To vote, place a YES in the
brackets to vote for it, or place a NO in the brackets to vote against it. If
you don’t want to vote on the group, place an ABSTAIN in the brackets. If you
leave the bracket blank, your vote will be rejected for failure to cast a vote.
Don’t worry about the spacing of the columns or any quote characters (">") that
your reply inserts.

Then MAIL the ballot to: <unicycling-vote@netagw.com> Just Replying to this
message should work, but check the “To:” line.

Quick voting checklist:

  1. Fill in the ballot form below. Don’t forget to include your Real Name.
  2. Delete everything but the ballot in your reply to this CFV.
  3. Make sure your reply goes to <unicycling-vote@netagw.com>.

===== BEGINNING OF BALLOT: Delete everything BEFORE this line ================

*** PLEASE *** DO NOT alter, modify, or delete any of the information in
this ballot!

rec.sport.unicycling Ballot <RSU-0002> (Do not remove this marker!)

Examples showing how to indicate your vote (DO NOT vote in this section):

[ YES ] example.yes.vote [ NO ] example.no.vote [ ABSTAIN ] example.abstention

In order to properly record your vote, please provide your REAL NAME and
indicate your desired vote in the following section:

Give your Real Name here (on this line) -->: (If you do not give your real name,
your vote may be rejected.)

Insert your vote inside the brackets for each newsgroup listed below:

Your Vote Group --------- ----- [ ] rec.sport.unicycling

===== END OF BALLOT: Delete everything AFTER this line =======================


Anything other than the official ballot may be rejected by the automatic vote
counting program. The votetaker will respond to your received ballots with an
automated acknowledgement by e-mail. If you do not receive one within several
days, try again. It’s your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered

Only one vote per person, no more than one vote per account. Addresses and votes
of all voters will be published in the final voting results list.

If you later change your mind, you may vote again. To erase your vote and
eliminate your address and vote from the final results listing, vote again using
the CANCEL example shown above. Just be aware that duplicate votes will be
resolved in favor of the most recent valid vote.

Anonymous votes will not be accepted. Votes mailed by WWW/HTML/CGI forms are
considered anonymous votes (the vote must be mailed directly from the voter to
the votetaker).

Neither ABSTAIN nor CANCEL messages are counted as votes; they serve only to
cancel any previous vote. Abstentions are noted in the final vote list, whereas
CANCEL removes your vote from that list entirely (this is the only difference
between the two).

In cases where voting fraud is determined to have occurred, it is standard
operating procedure to delete ALL votes submitted by the violator.

There will be a five-day period following the voting period during which the
published vote list may be corrected and any irregularities addressed. The
requirements for group creation are 100 more YES votes than NO votes, and 2/3 of
all counted votes must be YES.

When in doubt, ask the votetaker. ------- End of forwarded message -------