Newby thinking about Moab

Not unicycling newb, but a Moab newb.

So it’s looking like my wife has out of town plans that same weekend as Moab so I’m pretty free to go. I’m just a little nervous about it. I’ve not really explored the Muni end of the sport and even though I’m feeling a lot more confident riding around town I’m still not THAT good of a rider.

Are there some ‘novice’ rides that are going to take place? I just don’t want to end up on rides that are nothing but a total exercise in frustration. I want to learn and have fun.

I also don’t know what to expect as far as the campground. Is it a ‘standard’ forest service or BLM campground where I can just pull up in my camper van?

See my video from last year; it is entirely feasible for a relative neophyte to have fun at Moab. The two girls with the wiener dog could barely ride on their own; they held hands for the whole ride. There are lots of people who are doing one of their first-ever MUni rides. Slickrock is ideal terrain for inexperienced riders, because there are lots of easy options, but also lots of things to try to improve your skills on.

The campground, if it’s the same one as last year, is a commercial operation; you probably should reserve a spot, but a camper van should be fine.

You’re already so close. Go. You’ll love it. There are all kinds of events in which you can participate. You will get to meet riders from all over. You can pick whatever ride you want. There are always lots of novice riders. You will be with a group of people who encourage you, not discourage you. You will get to see some of the best riders in the world doing impossible stuff.