Hi Everyone! New To Forums And Well Unicycleing But Am Very very Interested In Startin I Was Just Wondering Like Whats A Good Starter Uni And Wheres A Good Place To Order/Buy From?

Thx In Advance


20 or 24" Torker LX off of e-bay.

Which size? What do you want to do w/ it?

20 - freestyle, light trials

24 - light Muni, commuting

On any learner, don’t do drops or they’ll break after a while.

leaning more towards freestyle, light trials

Cash limit? Since you know what Trials and Freestyle are,

I would get the KH07 19", hands down. Get this uni, and you will be set for a long time. A cheaper alternative is to get the nimbus trials upgraded with moment cranks. The KH is lighter, has a wider rim (makes a big difference), and aluminum frame. The Nimbus is cheap, but has most of the goodies on the KH.

If I had some cash, with the support of my parents, I would get the KH. If I could wait 2 months to save up the money to get the KH, I would. It is your choice.

Well I got Like $1000 to blow… thx alot for the info:)

eh Danni Do You Have Msn So That We Can Talk More

:astonished: WOW, I would most definitely suggest getting a KH. I know that if I had more money I would upgrade to a KH in 0.00001 seconds.

Hawo…This is the machines that i would choose with $1k.
1) Nimbus Coker.
2) RBR 48" (only intended for parade use)
3) KH 29.
4) Nimbus Deluxe Double Chain Giraffe and mod it hard. :stuck_out_tongue:
5) Torker Unistar AX 29-inch Featherweight Unicycle

Get a KH trials and shave the tyre down and get plastic pedals.
And what’s with all the capitals on the first post?

Even though you have that much money, I reccomend a torker LX 20 or 24". It will be perfect to learn on and once you have learnt it will hold up for a while for your first hops, drops and UNImania! Plus you will have some cash left over to spend on other things.

And welcome to the forums.:smiley:

…plus some tricks would be easier and you’d have a loaner to encurage friends to learn to ride, if you went that route.

After getting frustrated by my slow progress on my 24" DX, I got a 16" and w/in a few minutes I could ride all over the parking lot. It’s also been good as a stepping stone for learning some tricks and as a loaner.

Have you ever broken a cotterless hub? It hurts. I twisted my ankle very badly after I did a small drop to flat. Do NOT go cotterless! You will save money and pain in the long run.

Hazmat, although those are all nice unis, he asked for trials and freestyle. All those mentioned suck for trials.

So would a Nimbus 20-inch Trials SE with 48-Spoke Hub be a good choice then???

I have twisted the axle on a drop the size of me. But i am only 45 kgs.

But i do see your point, he is 16. I reckon a nimbus splined then. Strong and good value.

Much better, but if he knows he wants to do trials and is willing to commit the $, a 36 hole splined hub would be better, most would also preffer a flatter crown as well, for foot on frame tricks.

I have a torker lx and i love it. I have learnt hops on it and, i can do a wrap mount. Thanks to my friend municycler.:smiley: