Newbie with a new unicycle

I started the beginning of this summer and had two unicycles: one, a cyclepro 20 inch, the other a mossberg 24 inch. I found that when I was beginning the cyclepro was very difficult and so I learned on the mossberg 24 inch. Both of these unicycles were quite old and they both had cottered cranks. I did buy some new cotters and I also bought new seats and that helped considerably. I did find that I could ride around my block and I would be so winded and the my knees would hurt so much that I wouldn’t be able to continue. Finally I was able to work up so that I could just barely make it a bit further but not much because I would just tire out. Well, today I got a new Club 26 inch. I find that I can make it easily around the block and then some, I am not nearly as tired, my legs are not so sore that I can hardly walk. Now I wonder why did I ever try to to learn on those other two unicycles? This new one is so much easier to ride I cannot believe the difference. If someone is just beginning I guess I would have to recommend, Do not try to learn on any old unicycle just because it is available. Get a good beginner unicycle and you will be successful!!

I’ll bet the old unicycles were way too short for you. Seat height makes a huge difference when unicycling.

The bearings may have been shot, which would have cause A LOT more effort for pedalling, and the rims may not have been true, theres a thousand reasons why old things are harder! Congrats on your purchase your progress, and having fun with it! Keep up the good work!

today a 12 years old told me im gey
i continued riding ,i wanted to punch him so hard almust came back to do it…(im 16 and big…)

seat height

I actually did buy two new seatposts and a new seat for one of them so they were not too short. As was stated though I could bet that the bearings could be shot. I had wondered how anyone could make it “miles” when I had trouble going around the block, but I can certainly see a difference now.

I also didn’t mention that I am 59 years old which can also make a difference in the ability.