Newbie on a 24" club saying hello

Well, I think I may have become a proper unicyclist today with the arrival of the 24" club yesterday.
(apologies for the dark picture)

I bought the Chinese 20" from Ebay for £16 waaaay back in February.
It was used to help with the fitness of a 50-year old bloke, while having a good laugh at the same time.
The little-un has been a good trainer so far.
After 6-months, I am eventually up to the same level as “Engineer on a unicycle” was in his first few weeks.
i.e. riding 50-100 metres, kerb mounting OK, and free mounting with a back stop or a downhill incline.
The equipment advice and video tutorials here on the forum have helped.

When the little trainer needed new parts, (UK) provided me with correct advice to get the right bits.
Thank you to Roger and the team for pointing me in the right direction.
The Orange 24" Club Freestyle was on “deal of the week” when I needed a new saddle.
It made sense to use the standard parts on the cheap trainer, then upgrade the 24" club with a KH seat, and DX metal pedals when required.
The Club has been secretly hidden away until my birthday yesterday - today was my first ride.

So today - I feel like a proper unicyclist. :slight_smile:

Congratulations. That’s a start, I’m not yet at the multi uni stage so still living in fear of just how many I’m going to end up with…

I started to plan for my 3rd already.
20" for back garden practice.
24" for local use and grass fields
26" Muni for off road, or muddy tracks

It is a shame that I can’t purchase the skills to use them in a shop.
These two will keep me busy for a while.
The 24" is so smooth and fast (for me)

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