Newbie need buying advice

:DHi there!
This is my first post so I hope I’m in the right area.

I got the uni bug and I’m looking to buy my first unicycle. I’m very lucky to live about 45 min away from’s home base and I plan to head on over there this week and come home with my first one-wheeler.

I guess I need some buying help because I’m not sure what size wheel to get, what makes and models I should be considering, and I’ve actually been a little scared by stories of unis breaking, saddle bolts stripping, and cranks stripping out and the like.

So could anybody help me out with some suggestions?

I’m 5’ 9" , 180lbs, with a 31" inseam (I think I measured it right–from the floor wearing athletic shoes to the base of my crotch)
I’ll be using it for learning, definitely would be fun to cruise around on and hopefully a little bit of basic flatland tricks and riding off of a curb or two (light hopping and the like.) If I really like the flatland tricking and stuff I’ll probably end up buying a second uni specifically for it later on. I don’t have a lot of interest in Muni right now as I live in a very urban area.

I can’t stand bad quality and want something tough and good looking would be a plus. My budget is around $280 give or take.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

So my question is would you like to use it for cruising around (commuting) or doing tricks and stuff?

If you want to do tricks and hopping I would suggest either a 20" freestyle or flatland or a trials uni. My preferred brand is Nimbus. That’s the UDC brand and they are high quality while falling in your price range. 20" and 19" will also be very easy to learn to ride on (comparatively of course).

If you want it for commuting a 20" will be painfully slow. You will need at the very least a 24" but if you go much larger it will be pretty tough to learn on.

Good luck!

Well I guess I don’t know. I work from home so I don’t commute. I gotta say I like the idea of cruising and maybe learning how to do some spins and backward riding. Walking the wheel with your foot looks pretty fun too but like I said in the original post, if I really got into tricks I would probably get a uni just for that.

So can you suggest any particular models?

I’d say that some 20" Nimbus is something that will take the beating it probably will take while learning riding and tricks etc but also about in your budget. 24" isn’t too hard to learn on either so whatever you find more comfortable when you visit udc should be fine. They can also recommend you some models if you’re in doubt about it!

I was reading some reviews about a problem with the saddle’s bolt stripping out on the nimbus II’s gel seat. I was already leaning towards that but I don’t want a faulty product. Anybody out there have a problem with this?
and how the Club brand that UDC sells?

If you aren’t commuting far (less than a mile) a 20" should be ok. It will still be faster than walking but you’ll have more control and stuff. Wheel walking and spins are extremely hard on anything bigger than a 20".

As for seatbolt clamps, I have not heard of the bolts stripping. If they do, they are $15. It is completely worth it to buy the Nimbus is that is your only concern. Nimbus is a completely different league than Club. Club’s are starter unis while Nimbus is actually built to last.

You are even luckier to live close to the Silver Comet/Chief Ladiga trail. Perfect place to ride a century! Your going to need to work your way up to a 36er but once you do you will be able to crank out some miles. Also, never say never to MUni (plenty of great trails in your neighborhood) but I’d try Cokering first.

Let’s let him get around the block first before we talk about centuries! :smiley:

I was thinking about a 20" but I was worried that as soon as I got it figured out I would want a lot more freedom. I’m 31 yrs old so when I talk about doing some tricks I’m not talking about some of the insane stuff these younger fellows are trying. But I would like to be able to hop up onto a curb…maybe do a little spin and make a passer-by smile. A 24" would be no good for this?

I suggest a cheap learner like the club 20"or 24"…it’ll get knocked about and scratched up while you’re learning, and thats the last thing you want to worry about…You’ll have a better idea what you want for your next (expensive) high quality uni after you learn to ride. Good luck and welcome.

You can hop up curbs and do 180s and some other tricks on a 24"

So should I be looking to get a high(er) quality, “built to last” uni like the nimbus or should I buy a beater learning uni like the club?

That’s really up to you, your current budget and your commitment to keep riding! Most of the people who try a unicycle for the first time give up saying it’s impossible but remember that there will be plenty of support and fellow riders who recently learned to ride in these forums! And of course threads that cover most of the knowledge about riding and unicycling gear you need to know.

I’d say go for the nimbus!

Before you buy a uni, spend some time at UDC trying to learn to ride a uni. They have demo unis and a learning bar. If you work at it a few tumes and feel like it’s still your thing, THEN buy a unicycle.

If you’re a skater, get a 24" Nimbus II
If you are a road biker, get a 29" Nimbus II
If you are a mountain biker, get a 26" Nimbus Muni

A 20" will be too small for riding any distance, they are more for messing around, doing tricks, trials, etc…

I think I’m all set on getting a 24". I think the first things I’ll want to do once I learn to ride the damn thing is go cruising around the neighborhood.
If I get into the tricks and all I’ll just get a 20" freestyle later. (Aren’t unicyclist supposed to have more then one!:D)

I also think I’m gonna go with the Nimbus II. Seems like good quality and will help me branch out into the other disciplines as I get better. It may not be perfect for commuting or muni or beginning flatland tricks or trials but it seems tough enough to allow me to explore each of them without worrying.

Thanks to all you folks for your time and wonderful suggestions.

I ride all my Muni on my Nimbus II 24". May not be perfect but nothing has broken and it’s fun as hell!

I second nurse ben. Trying will help you decide. I did not have that luxury but a 20" as mentioned is slow as slow gets… but are fun for messing around, trials, flat land etc. My GF is learning to ride and finds my 26" muni easier then the 20" because it has much more control and it “sluggish” to ride.

Ha, I just realized I’m all three of those, which is why I need at least three unis. Now to tell the wife. :slight_smile:

– UniT

HAHAHA second that… but asa road biker i like speed, so nothing but the 36 will do… luckily… no wife…

I just got back from
I bought the 24" Nimbus II and upgraded to a KH street saddle.
Thank again to everyone for helping me out. Now I’m off to learn to ride the thing.:smiley: