newbie looking for a better unicycle

lol you’re actually getting a splined uni when the biggest drops you’ll be doing is curbs?

thats kinda pointless…

Not really, he said he wants to do offroad stuff too. The stresses from doing muni can easily bend a cotterless hub. Ive seen it happen, and have had it happen to me twice now.

I guess all the riders who their first unis are Kh 20s and 24s must really bug you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think KH’s are cheap

At least when you buy them from A E Bike. Considering the quality you get for 375$. If you really plan to spend hundreds of hours riding the thing you are insane or stupendously ignorant to choose a more crudely crafted, several lbs. heavier uni to save 100 $. You live your life lame, and save nothing. Should you decide you don’t want the uni later, the KH can be sold for a higher price. This is not a Prada hand bag fad. Live your life real like you care.

Wow, feel the light,…Kris must be paying you a lot to advertise his unicycles so much…

It’s not pointless to save $100. That’s a lot of money. For someone who doesn’t want the top of the line, saving $125 by buying a $250 uni is a big deal. (That’s 50% more!!)

Not everyone is an adult, feel the light, and some people like to spend their hard-earned money carefully. You can certainly suggest the KH unicycle to people when they ask for suggestions, but don’t make them feel like that’s their only option, and CERTAINLY don’t call them insane or “stupendously ignorant” when they choose one model over another. That is just uncalled for.

Did I mention that the seat on the KH is very uncomfortable?

Do you mean the old KH style DX seat or an actual KH seat and if so which one?

If it is an actual KH seat, that’s why the cover is easily removable, so you can shape it too your liking.

I’ve tried the DX, LX, Nimbus gel, KH Freeride, KH Air, & KH Fusion Freeride. I find the last one the most comfortable, but my Nimbus gel is the easiest to hold SIF and second most comfortable of what I’ve sampled.

I wasn’t referring to any specific seat. I was just poking fun at the KH unicycles.

Aside from the LX the DX is the most uncomfortable seat I’ve sampled. From what I’ve heard it is basically the same thing as the older KH Freeride, except for the cover. For me, I think the padding comes up too much in the front and rear. Also I think having the center cut out like the new Fusion Freeride improves the comfort, but makes it a bit harder to hold for SIF. Since I can’t hop SIF at all yet, the trade off is well worth it.


After my first ride on the torker DX I noticed quite a few things. First, its overall weight and larger (24") wheel make it feel more stable than my 20" sun. Second, everything is so beefy. It’s very obvious how well built the uni really is. I’m glad I asked for everyone’s opinion.

there are a lot of unis u can choose from and the dx and kh 24"s are good ones but u might want to check into an onza or even a nimbus 24" they are awesome unis too!

Awesome, I’m glad you are happy with the choice you made. If you are looking for a tire which might perform better on the road check out this one: its excellent for street riding. I ran it on my muni while I lived in the city and it worked great.

My question has been answered and I’m still getting recommendations. You guys are great. I’ll have give the hookworm a try. I can see I’m going to be doing more communting on my uni than originally thought.

I was also told to look at the nimbus and the Koxx-one unis. I seriously considered a nimbus, but no one here mentioned them until after I purchased a new uni, so maybe next time. Koxx-one uni’s look cool, but there was a post on here talking about their frames being weak. Koxx-one has a hefty price tag for such a flaw. Not that I’m saying it’s true, but it does make me cautious.

All in all. I’m very happy with a larger wheel. Maybe in a few months (once I get the hang of this) I can get some overtime at work and buy a uni with an even bigger wheel. I’m not looking for a coker (yet), but I can tell this is the start of an obsession.

nah, stepping up from a 24" to a coker isn’t too bad.

you’re right though, unicycling is a disease.

WHAT! With all the words you can choose from you pick disease. Take it back… take it back damn you. It is surely more of a gift from god, an addictive hobby, an obsession, a passion, a way of life… those seam more fitting.
Sorry for that, just rubbed me the wrong way.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Joe. I just went through a similar progression. I have been riding a basic uni similar to a Sun. I read these threads and saw the more experienced riders get into this KH versus Torker argument. I ended up buying a Torker DX 20"–I love it! The weight (which I was also concerned about) doesn’t bother my newbie riding at all. The seat (relative to my last uni) is awesome. My riding has improved dramatically with the DX.

I went with a 20" (better for learning urban tricks) than the 24" (better for rough terrain). I bought it new on eBay for $219.97 ($24.99 shipping) from Go for it.

I just got a 20’’ DX 2 days ago and it’s great. I really like the 20’’ more than the 24’’. The 20’’ is better for tricks like 270 unispins because the wheel isn’t as high up as the 24’’.

What about, serious epidemic. :wink: