newbie looking for a better unicycle

I’m new to this and after a few months of riding I’m really starting to get the hang of and enjoy unicycling. I particularly like taking it offroad but my 20" sun uni just isn’t cutting the mustard. The tire slips a good bit and I would like to get something heavier, prefferably with a beefy/knobby tire.

What do you guys here think about the Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trials unicycle? From what I’ve read it’s pretty much made to take a beating. Would anyone here recommend that uni or would you recommend something different. I’m not very knowledgable about this so, any info would be greatly appreciated.

Yes. Very good unicycle. For offroad, however, 24" might be better.

If you want to do other stuff besides just offroad on it, though, you may very well want to stick to 20".

I find offroad difficult on my 20" DX, but on a friend’s 24" DX it was great. The trails we ride on are closer to downhill than XC riding for bikes though, with many rocky sections and hills.

i second that. the dx is a great uni, especially for the price.

A KH 24 is many lbs lighter then a dx24

And it’s stronger, cooler looking, better made. They are out of stock everywhere, but your ship should come in around mid August from what I read. The KH isn’t that expensive, say 425 or so if you know where and how to buy one. Read this thread.

Yes you like KH. Yes AEBike sells them cheap. Ye- Do you have to keep up this nonsence with posting links to that thread twice a day? This person has a 20in sun, A dx is a nice step up, and probably in their price range. Try explaining the KH a bit more other than “cooler looking”… Stronger than a DX? Arguabley. Better made? I dont know, better materials, sure, I havnt witnessed either being made.
Dude, its getting old. Either say why you think the KH is good or dont Say anything at all… This person was not asking where to get the cheapiest most high-end unicycle. I think we were letting that thread die for a reason. AE will have our bussiness, now do Kris, UDC, and the rest of us a favor and stop posting that link.


The DX is great for the cost. It is a bit heavy, but from a former DX rider- It will only build your muscles stronger. If money is no issue than looking into a KH isnt a bad idea. A stock KH uni pretty much beats anything besides a custom build.

Yes the DXs are bomb proof. They had some problems with the 06 frames. They have fixed that and replaced any borken/returned frames. The only thing I dont like about the DXs are the pedals… thats an easy fix tho.

Amen to that, I’ve been getting really irritated with how he keeps posting that in almost all threads about someone looking for a new unicycle. Its getting old and as agentQ said, the thread was being left to its death for a reason.

As for the original poster, I definitely recommend the DX, its a great unicycle for the price however if you are planning to do a lot off offroad then you may want to consider the 24" version.

Maybe you should try other riding styles first, because maybe u can find something you like more and get a unicycle to fit both styles. :smiley:

For example, at first i wanted to do Muni, so i would have ended up getting a 24" DX but then i tried trial and Street, so i got a 20" DX :roll_eyes:

please explain to me

How does convincing a new rider that needs our real knowledge and help, to buy a heavy piece of crap like a torker, instead of a KH, help Kris? (the owner of KH). And why if your heavy torker is doing so much to build your muscles, do you PM me asking me not to tell any more people about the AE Bike deal, because you don't want them to sell out again before you get yours ?

Just get the 24" Torker. Its Freakin awesome when it comes to muni, and You can do lots of trials stuff on it as well, it all just takes practice.

From what I have learned, the best 24 out there is the kh 24. especially for mountain stuff. that Is what frame I have decided to build my unicycle from. I am into trials/mountain riding.

so ya, another vote for the kh 24 and the torker 24.

I would love to ride either of these unicycles.

both of these unicycles are built ridiculously tough. especially for a “newbie”.

how much do you weigh?


HAha, that is so wrong. Its not that heavy, about 2-3 pounds more than a KH. WOohoo, big savings there…

And its not crap, it takes 8-9 sets from me, 8 foot drops to flat, grinds, tons of time it being dropped downstairs and ledges. Its lasted me well over a year and still going strong.

If your looking for a good deal, get the DX, if your able to spend a little more, go Qu-Ax, if you can spend more than that, get a Koxx, and if your able to go all out, buy the KH. All of those unis are amazing.

Yeah, the DX is certainly not a piece of crap…it takes an abuse, and I too can testify that it is not that much heavier than a KH.

It doesn’t. Not every purchase needs to help Kris. There are other brands out there. No need to push the top of the line model to someone who doesn’t need or want the top of the line model, especially if it is over $100 more and currently out of stock most places.

If yer gonna quote me on a private conversation, atleast dont twist my words. That time The person was specifically asking about a Koxx uni.
Enough said on that topic.

Sorry about the thread jack, Joe.
Im out.

I’m sorry about the crap line

When I start to get abrasive I seem to default to course sometimes. Those guys ^^^ are right. The dx is well made, if a bit porkey. I just couldn’t resist pointing out how Agent and Brian are both waiting for AE Bike to get KH’s again.
A dx is a great uni. Especially if you can find a good deal on a used one. They are tough, and you could sell it to a friend later for what you paid for it.
Buying new, I would say a 375 $ KH would be a better deal then a 250 $ dx.
But then I am a fat guy who just ordered 93 $ Ti pedal axles to save 3 oz. So maybe I am not the most rational voice here.:slight_smile:

Ditto on letting that thread die. I was getting sick of seeing it all the time.

If I were to do things over I would have goten decent learner, like a LX, tried a buch of different stuff and saved for the best uni I could afford for the type of riding I wanted to do.

Get a Maxxis Max Daddy 20X2.25 tire and ride some Muni, some trials, learn some tricks, and watch a bunch of videos. Just stay away from all drops bigger than a curb (and make sure that rim is tentioned properly-not hard to do), and not tons of those drops. In a couple of months you will probably discover the type of riding you will want to do the most, and should have enough $ saved up for a SWEET uni.

Then again, if you aren’t sure this is something you are going to really get into get the DX. I ride one and I’ve tried a KH. What I liked the best was the crank length. The 165’s was the perfect long length for me, better than my 170 mm. Qu-Ax cranks.
My vote is to get a Muni, unless you want to do street, or A LOT of trials. As someone said you can do trials on a 24", it’s just a bit harder (in skill and manuverability), and it is much better for Muni.

It’s great to get so many responses so quick. To answer the omst common questions about my post:

I’m about 120 pounds and I plan on doing minimal trials riding. The biggest drops I am concerned with are indeed curbs because I will be riding this thing around town once I am comfortable enough on it. I’m more concerned with riding off-road.

I may have to consider a 24" uni know. That’s something I wouldn’t have considered before. Thanks for all your advice, especially for posting so quick.


I would definately say get a 24" if your going to be riding around town. The 20" would be a lot less practical if your going to be doing a lot of distance riding and taking it off road. It honestly sounds like you should get a 24" Torker dx. I know other people will disagree and say get a KH top of the line blah blah blah but in reality you don’t need that uni…yet:D

But in all seriousness I would highly recommend getting the 24" Torker for the simple fact that it’s a great learner uni for all things, muni and trials, and it can take one hell of a beating…trust me.


After some thought and lots of info from all of you guys here (thanks), I ordered a torker DX. All I have to do now is wait.