New Zealand Uni Nationals 08

Random footage from the weekend.

I originaly made this in adobe pro in widescreen then compressed in wmm so try to excuse the messed upness of the video. The quality has also been killed. I’ll upload to vimeo when I have the time so he video can actually be enjoyed…

if the embedded version dosnt work. click zee link or just go here

Edit: I see the videos no longer available :stuck_out_tongue: trying to fix this…

Looked like fun. I’ll be coming next year. Was that a bayflip at 6:37?

Yep. And yes you best be coming.

nice NZ!! you guys have heaps more people who ride then us!! :frowning: its not fair hardly anyone does in victoria. just a few questions, who did the 540’s and who did the double flips? i know one was joe but the other oh and i figured that the fifth flip, 720 etc was chris although would be good to see the vid in higher quality :stuck_out_tongue:

That vid was really great. I’m hoping to bring my uni down to NZ. Maybe/hopefully for next year’s. I cant make it in Jan.

Looked like an awesome weekend :wink: And Rise Againsts new album rocks

Yeah gotta love NZ :smiley: .The 540 unispins and double flips were by Josh Bate he learnt them over the weekend and oh he seems to be a Team Nelson rider :stuck_out_tongue:

looked so fun :smiley:

The battle trying to unmount the other was funny!

Nice guys! Can’t wait… UNICON will be awesome!

cool vid!
like the trick at 2:02

  • looks really nice!

That was amazing Chris.

Loved the editing. Good song choices too. Gotta love a bit of Rise Against.

It was such an awesome weekend and so cool to just catch up, hang out and ride with everyone, as well as meet heaps of new people.

It was great to have a really good range of footage of different riders and you pretty much managed to capture everyone’s best possible tricks (I didn’t even realise that Josh landed a rolling 540 and Joe got his 360 to blind 360 so well.) The MUni looked like heaps of fun, was a shame to miss it.

Your fifth of that bench was amazing and the 720 was smooth as.

My skinny looked good enough. That was quite an awesome fall :stuck_out_tongue: and I forgot I even landed one of those wallplant outspin things, but it actually looks pretty crap now haha.

Great stuff man and a massive congratulations for you sponsorship, you thoroughly deserve it.


looked really fun.

I lauged pretty hard at the sumo uni. You got owned pretty badly chris :stuck_out_tongue:
If i’m going, can’t wait till unicon.

Hot vid!

(I see you used a song from one of my older vids too;))

Switchfoot? Or Gorillaz? I knew Gorillazs had been used before but to be honest I didn’t care lol. AND YES!!! Appeal to Reason is an amazing album and its all I’ve been listening to for the past few days.

Watching the vid on youtube with the high quality option gives a pretty good result.

Thanks for all the comments :smiley: I’ll get it on vimeo when I can.

lol Sorry to say this but I think Appeal to Reason is nowhere near as good as the previous 2 albums (the sufferer and the witness and siren songs of counter culture).

A lot of NZers must be able to 540 unispin now.

Cracking vid! Wish there were more riders round this region. Looks like you guys and girls had a whole heap of fun.
Keep the vids coming!

Sponsorship? who gave you a sponsorship? :open_mouth: nice work

Chris got named on the 09 KH Factory Team 2009 KH Factory Team announced

Sawweet. Looked like fun

cool video! good locations! :slight_smile: