New YouTube #shorts (What's your opinion)

If you guys haven’t heard yet - I’m making YouTube shorts along with my regular content here on YouTube. A lot of it will just be regular clips/highlights while a good chunk will be re-caps or short forms of my longer videos. I’ll be posting these every Sunday @5PM (EST).

Loving the support thus far from this awesome community and I look forward to producing more content for you guys 😁 Lemme know what you think.

Thanks everyone 😊


I think the shorts are a neat format, definitely worth your time as do a very nice job on them! I’ve seen some cool pics on this forum of tire grabs and this short was the first video I’ve seen of one, doesn’t look too hard so I’ll be giving that a go sometime for sure.

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Thanks man. I think it’s a unique format too. I definitely over exxageratted the tricks in this video to look a lot bigger and flashier but tire grab is a very simple trick to learn and it’s great because you can scale it to as small or as big as you want. Give it a shot man and thanks for your inputs :slight_smile: