New York City UniFest

The first NYC UniFest will be taking place September 3-5, 2010.
It will be held at locations throughout the city including Governors Island.
More information about the event can be seen at
Thanks and hope to see you there.

Looks Exciting!
I’m planning on meeting up Sept 6 at Grant’s Tomb.

The Sept 3rd’s ride, and Governor’s island on the 4th sound great also, but I’m not driving down each day.

Any chance someone is making that Fantastic NYC Unicycle Festival logo on the website a poster? I’d like to order one.

NYC unifest logo

Hello Ken ( Crashed ),
The logo was made by a great ad guy in NY. T-shirts have already been printed and so have posters. Hopefully you will start seeing the posters down your way soon.
By the way,there is a uni club in Chatham, NY that meets every Sunday night at 6 PM all year. It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes north of Poughkeepsie.
Hope to meet up with you at the festival,

Thanks Pat,
I’ll keep an eye out for the posters and T-shirts.

I keep hearing about that Chatham club, it must be one of the more active clubs. I will have get up there sometime. Thank you for the info.

Also to correct my initial post: I noticed I listed Sept 6, but meant that I plan to meet up at Grant’s Tomb Sunday Sept 5.

Hey Pat!

Where and when can we get this T-Shirt. It’s quite possibly the nicest unicycle-related graphic I’ve ever seen.

I’d love to get a bike-shirt with that logo, too.


Hey Steve and Ken,
Keith Nelson of the Bindlestiff Family Circus has T-shirts. As sponsors come in he is adding them to the shirt graphics. This means he is placing another order soon. Right now he is producing the shows at the International Juggling Convention in Nevada so I will not see him for a week. I will let him know that there is interest in the shirts.
Steve, are you coming down for the Uni-Fest ? A bunch of the Chatham club will be going and I think Dave and Vaughn are building the trials course.
Hope to ride with you soon,

Friday schedule

Hello All, Here is a tentative schedule for Friday’s distance ride :

Friday Brooklyn Unicycle Day
Starts on Brookly Bridge and ends on Coney Island.
The Long Distance Ride organizers suggest that unicycle riders be experienced in riding with traffic and be on nothing smaller than a 26" tire. There are segments of the ride that smaller tires and less experienced riders can participate, these include Brooklyn Bridge, Prospect Park, and Coney Island Boardwalk. We are seeking an area along the boardwalk for a bit of unicycle free-style action. Stay tuned for more details.
Helmets are strongly encouraged!

Brooklyn Unicycle Day schedule

2 pm Meet Up on Manhattan side of Brooklyn Bridge
Meet on the East Side of City Hall Park (on Park Row) in front of the subway entrance for the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station 4,5,6, (across the street from the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian entrance).

3 pm Cross Brooklyn Bridge (all wheel sizes are encourage to join in on the Brooklyn Bridge crossing)

4 pm Pass through Grand Army Plaza into Prospect Park. We need to be through the park no later than 5 pm because the roadways open to automobile traffic at 5 pm.

5 pm Enter the Ocean Parkway Bicycle Path

6 pm Arrive at Coney Island Boardwalk

7 pm Coney Island Activities TBA

9 pm Fireworks

YOOOO i know ther are alot of street and flat riders comming whats the deal exactly

ima coming :smiley:

Let’s organize a flat competition… Who’s down?

And also… I won’t be able to make it until Friday night at around 6-6:30… I’m going to have to meet up with you guys somewhere.

Saturday schedule

Hi folks,
Things are coming together. Less than a week away. Media is spreading the word. Legendary NYC DJ Sky King will be keeping the festival hopping.

If anyone would like to go to Governors Island before the festival, we can make an appointment during the week. If anyone wants to do this, please contact me.

I will be sending out a production schedule for Saturday in a separate email. Here is a slightly updated schedule for activities during the festival on Saturday. Any comments, notions.

Uni Fest Saturday Schedule

Open Unicycling All Day

Learn to Unicycle 1 to 5

Noon Welcome to UniFest

12:00 pm Mass ride around Governors Island

12:30 pm Free Style Demonstrations

1:00 pm Unicycle Hockey

1:20 pm Uni Movie in Theater – King Charles (9 min)

1:30 pm Trials Demonstrations

2:00 pm Unicycle Basketball: King Charles Demo / pick up uni basket ball

3:10 pm Uni Movie in Theater - “In Unison” by Joey Neigh (21:07)

3:30 pm Unicycle Games and Relays

4:00 pm Uni Movie in Theater - “In Unison” or King Charles or Bridge Tour Slide Show

4:45 Closing words / awards

5:00 pm Group Photo

Water/ T-shirts

This is a note to anyone going to Saturday’s events on Governors Island :
Bring plenty of water !!! There will not be easily available, drinking water
and you are not going to want to leave the activities and spend money every 20 minutes.
Also, NYC Unicycle Festival T-shirts will be available at Manhattan meet-up point for Friday’s ride… you MUST pre-order so I can bring only what’s needed and ride the bridge with the gang!

Two designs available: purple shirt with black UNIFEST logo or white shirt with 4 color unifest logo. sizes from kid’s S to adult 2XL available. $20. email Stephanie ( ) by Thursday 6pm at the latest.

The Saturday UniFest event was great, my head is still spinning from the experience. Kieth and team have really pulled it off. Presently, it’s hard for me to imagine going back to Governor’s Island and not finding hundreds of unicyclist. Surely there in the courtyards they continue to demonstrate freestyle skills, push those trial skills, play sport hockey and basket ball. A perfect balance of skilled, casual, and learning unicyclist, all sharing their experiences, enjoying the shows and demonstrations.

Too bad this magic only last a short time. Luckily for many it’s not over, the Sunday’s Grant’s Tomb Event is today.

I loved the Friday ride, but couldn’t make the rest. Thanks for the great event, and the sweetest Uni T-shirt design ever.

i loved it it was so awesome riding with so many people who also know how to ride is an awesome experience :slight_smile:

NYC Unicycle Festival Debrief

Hey Gang-

If you’d like to know how the First Annual NYC Unicycle Festival came down, check out my interview with festival organizer Keith Nelson on our web site (New York Unicycle Club.) Here’s the link:

Also, here’s some links to press coverage of the event:

Its gonna be even better next year!


i cant believe i missed this:( im deff. going next year:)

does anyone know when the next unifest will be?

2011 NYC UniFest

Hello Soxfan,
Sorry you missed it. Right now Keith, the organizer, is still figuring on Labor Day for next year ; 2011. Nothing is written in stone though, so who knows.
Great interview Mitch. I exchanged emails with Ken and David extending an open invitation to the NYC club up to Chatham anytime you guys would like to visit.
Just a side note, there may be something in the Chatham, NY / Berkshire, Mass. area in the spring of 2011; probably off road and trials.

Unicycle Events

Keep me posted on the upcoming events