New Wii Unicycle Game called Go Play Circus Star for Nintendo

Did a search but couldn’t find any threads on it. Has anyone seen this new game for the Nintendo Wii called “Go Play Circus Star”? Or played it? Curious as to how it is. I’m guessing you use the balance board to try and stay up on the unicycle.

I found it in an advertisement here in Australia but I think the game I found is different as it looks like this, at least the cover is different as it has a guy on a unicycle on the cover. And it doesn’t have Go Play or Star on it, just “Circus”.

Then after researching some more I found “It’s My Circus” but doesn’t look like you can unicycle in this one, at least from what I found.

And found another one called “Circus Games” but couldn’t tell if unicycling was one of the games.

In conclusion it looks like there are 2 games for the Wii that you can “unicycle” in. Post here if you’ve played them and how it is. Cheers!

Wouldn’t it be far better just to unicycle for real? I’ve heard you can uni on a treadmill if you are stuck indoors…I ride my 20" inside my house no problem (except the odd mark on the wall)

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