New White Try All Tire [Some Pics]

I went riding a bit yesterday and had my brother capture some shots of the new tire in action. I LOVE the way that it looks…and it rides pretty nicely too :). I haven’t ridden it enough to judge it against the creepy crawler yet, but it feels promising.

sweet. where did you order it from?

You look really short in all those pictures for some reason.

Awesome pictues there Jason. The yellow, black and white is all really nice together. That’s one nice uni you’ve got there. I want a new trials vid from you.


haha awesome, it looks like you are liking it :slight_smile:

now we need to get some pics of Spencer’s uni up, and Sam’s too once his gets to him.

I ordered indirectly from through Miles (see post above :))

Haha, you’re right. Probably because I’m crouched down in all of them. For the record, I’m 6’2" (a whole lot taller than you ;))

Thanks Isaac. I’ll have a new video out sooner or later.

I’m aware of that, remember that time we met? Yeah.

Oo, does that mean its in the mail?

I don’t like the look of the white tires… But I’d be interested to hear how they handle. You need a new frame lol.

It is a new frame. He had a qu-ax frame previously and switched to this after listening to my excellent advice. :wink:

They were on sale at UDC for $5, are lighter than the qu-ax frame and since he doesn’t do any street riding the round crown is perfect. You never hit your legs on it.

actually $10, and I switched from my qu-ax after seeing your and his. Its great frame for trials and I like it for street. 1 footing is easy and I can glide too now.
Its a really nice option for people who cant afford a nicer $200 or so frame.

edit: nice pics too

Yep, I agree with the two above me. I absolutely love the frame and you can’t beat that for $10. I used to hit my legs all the time with the Qu-ax frame.

Its an awesome frame, once I get a street/freestyle uni back together I’ll be putting the round crown back on my trials uni for good.

Too bad your cool yellow handle is all dirty and doesn’t match the frame color anymore. :slight_smile:

comes in yellow if you want to touch it up a little bit, could also do the back bumper, too.

Cool! I will try to find this type of spray here! A Fluo Green Bumper/Handle, will look awesome in my uni :smiley:

Haha yeah :o.

The only thing remaining that I’d like to upgrade is the seat. Maybe when I get around to that I’ll get a white handle and bumper to match the tire.