New videos

There are some new videos at the end of my gallery of me doing some trials/freestyle and my friend tyler too.
check it out at Nosimaj’s gallery

Nice work! I need to try kickup mounting. I like your gallery, there are heaps of nice photos and videos in there but have you ever thought of organising it a little (just because there are so many different things in there)? Just a friendly suggestion.


The one entitled “tyler jump” is hilarious. Hope he’s okay… :slight_smile:


OH tyler is okay. There will be more vids soon. And hopefully they will be organized better. There will hopefully be more riding shots of me and tyler.

Hey Andrew, I like the way your gallery is set up, how do you do it.

I’ve just got a whole lot of “Nested Albums” in there. When you’re logged in, at the top right of the page there should be something that says “Add Nested Album” or something like that. Start off in the main gallery with all those photos and videos. Then create a nested album. It’ll appear on the last page. Go into that album (let’s say Muni) and if you want to split it up into two categories like photos and videos then create two nested albums when you’re in the ‘Muni’ album. There’s also some sort of a ‘move’ button that you can use to move your photos into a nested album (the second option when you click on move) and to change the order of the photos (the first option).

Good luck,

Reviving and old thread in hope I can get an answer to a problem I’m having. I originally had one big album of shots. Now I want to organize it into several nested albums within the original. I created the nested albums just fine, but now I want to move some of the photos in the original (now master) album over into the new nested albums. The process described above doesn’t actually provide that second option. There are WORDS there that talk about moving photos into a nested album, but no actual buttom or anything else that lets you do it.

Any hints for Clue-free Tom?

Do you have dialup or broadband? We recently got broadband, but before that I had to wait quite a while for the different options described in the text actually appeared. Did you try waiting a while?

Even now with broadband, the ‘move’ function of the gallery takes ages to work for me. It’s strange. Things also take a long time ot upload to the gallery.


Thanks Andrew! That was it…I just had to wait for a while, go get coffee, etc., and eventually all the functions appeared. I’m now feeling much more organized in my albums, and can now start dumping in a lot of the shots I have but have been holding until I could build a better album structure. Thanks again!

No worries, it’s a bit frustrating though having to wait each time. You must have had quite a few coffees with all those photos to move. :slight_smile: Nice gallery.