New videos from the 2nd French Cup

Hi !
Just got back from the “coupe de France de Monocycle”, and as a guy totally obsessive with videos, I thought I would give you links to a few productions made for or after the cup.
First of all, the winning video from vasipaulette : , and a lot more at this page :

Then there were a few runner ups, like the koxx team, with a film named Gloc, at or

Another vid which I liked was
from Manu

You can find a lot more videos on my website which should be updated today with these links.

The cup was a lot of fun, there were 300+ French unicyclist, and I’d say 20 foreigners, mostly from Europe, only a couple of americans (Irene and Mike)… I hope you guys will be a lot more in Switzerland next year :wink:


That vasipaulette video has to be one of the most entertaining videos i’ve ever seen! I loved it, the music and the editing went really well together and I love seeing muni on film, especially when you managed to capture the difficulty of the lines you were attempting.


I love the vasipaulette video!
Really nice intro, and probably the most amuzing crash-scenery i’ve seen…
Not to mention the riding!

I dropped my cheek when i saw the offroad gliding! Really amaing!
I’ve tried it a few times but my tyre gets al muddy/dusty, so i thought it couldn’t be done…

That movie was very very awesome… very entertaining and awesome editing with the music twas very good


call me crazy but do some of koxx frestyle unicycles have like the super light weight splined cranks on them


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You can buy any parts you like and build them together? :slight_smile:

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There is yet another video that is outrageous. It leaves Defect, Universe and all the others in the dust. :sunglasses:

Wow, that was fantastic! Some really steep muni riding there, and big drops. I loved the clip where someone rides down the really really steep rock, and that weird hopping thing at the start where he flips the uni over. Great stuff!


The vasi2005tout.divx movie, was the best unicycle movie I have seen for a long time. You made the MUNI look really interesting, and the off-road gliding was just crazy.

A video everybody must watch


Woah, totally awesome video, and awesome riding too.

Re: New videos from the 2nd French Cup

On Sun, 6 Nov 2005 16:53:51 -0600, thieum wrote:

>There is yet another video that is outrageous. It leaves Defect,
>Universe and all the others in the dust. :sunglasses:

I liked it. I repeatedly thought Hey I can do that too! :slight_smile:

But vasi2005tout.divx is really great! The bail section is somehow
very funny.

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They invented that trick at the Danish trials and muni convention. We could call it the vasipaulette flip :sunglasses: or whatever you want for that matter.
They have another instance of that trick on their video of the Dansih convention hosted on their website (link above)

Do I need DIVX player to watch the vasipoulette video?
I cant get it working :frowning:

It´s working now.
VLC player made it.

Hey !

I am one the guy in Vasipaulette 2005 (Kevin)…
I’m very please to see that our video is liked, because we worked a lot for it !

I think you should see the 2nd video, the Yoggi’s one :
wich is great too … :slight_smile:

We were very happy to beat against this nice video, it wasn’t easy !

Sorry, because i don’t speak english very well …

Hi Kevin, I already pointed to that video in my first post :wink: It’s okay if people talk more about your video than Yoggi’s. :smiley: Don’t be embarrassed :stuck_out_tongue:
For those of you who might have issued with divx files, renaming the to .avi should do the trick.

Don’t worry, you speak (type) english much better than I speak french!

I got back two weeks ago from the “coupe de France de Monocycle”, and as a guy totally obsessive with taking pictures, I thought I would give links to a few samples :